Hitting the Thanksgiving Travel Trail

November 21st, 2011 | Posted by Pacrec in More! - (Comments Off on Hitting the Thanksgiving Travel Trail)

Stowaway cargo travelWell, the economy may be down, but it seems that Thanksgiving travel this year is going to be up.

AAA is predicting that 42.5 million Americans will travel during the Thanksgiving week this year, up 4% from last year. And with airfares up 20 percent (plus all those pesky fees), more stringent security, cancelled, delayed and overbooked flights, 38.2 million of those Americans will be driving.  That’s a lot of Buicks on the blacktop.

Whether you view it as a welcome tradition or guilt-laden obligation, the Thanksgiving road trip is an American classic. Over the river and all that. But just because you’re not dealing with the insanity of an airport doesn’t make driving a piece of cake (or pumpkin pie). Here are a few tips to take some of the kinks out of that long and winding road.

Let’s face it there’s going to be traffic. So if possible try to avoid the peak rush hours, like Wednesday afternoon and evening. If you can leave a day or two early, and if that’s not too much family face time for you, go for it. If you don’t have too long of a drive ahead of you, get up early and leave on Thanksgiving morning. The traffic is usually light and it can make for a mellow drive.

Or try an alternate route, like a state or county road. It may take a little longer, but the scenery is better and you’ll probably find it much less stressful than being on the Interstate, which can unknowingly take it’s toll tension-wise. This is also a good back-up plan in case of freeway wrecks and closures.

Make sure everyone is comfortable. Too many people and possessions crammed in a small space can cause not only physical discomfort but emotional trauma as well with all the whining and complaining. A good way to alleviate crowding is with the addition of a cargo carrier, like the StowAway MAX Hitch Cargo Carrier. With 16 cubic feet of storage space and 200 lbs of gear capacity, it comes complete with taillights, side reflectors, lock and weep holes on a swingaway or fixed frame.

Make sure you take frequent rest breaks. The act of just walking a little bit, even if it’s just to use the facilities or stretch out will significantly reduce stiffness in muscles and joints, especially in the “chronologically gifted”. And it helps keep those nasty blood clots at bay.

So now you’re ready. Get packed, load up and head out. Join that other 38.2 of your fellow Thanksgiving travelers and have a fun, and most importantly, safe trip.

4th of July Travel Tips

July 1st, 2011 | Posted by Pacrec in Road Trips - (Comments Off on 4th of July Travel Tips)

We are all eager for the weekend to begin as the Fourth of July approaches.  With so many locales hosting celebrations for the Fourth, many of us will be traveling this Independence Day weekend.

Stowaway2.com wants to give you some tips about preparing you vehicle before you hit the road this weekend with your hitch mounted cargo carrier.

  1. Check the tires.  Make sure tires are properly inflated as specified by the vehicle owner’s manual. This will give you better gas mileage as well as reducing the chances of a blowout.  Check the tread levels on you tires.  Inspect all four tires for deterioration beyond the wear bar.  Or place a penny on the tread, it should cover Lincoln’s head.
    check tires, travel preparation
  2. Check the spare tire.  The spare should be fully inflated.  Also check that you have a car jack and tire iron/wrench in your vehicle too.
  3. Check the coolant.  Many cars over heat during the summer because of improper coolant system maintenance.  Change out coolant with 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water if needed.
  4. Check the air filter.  A dirty air filter can rob fuel efficiency.  It should be replaced every 10-15k miles and takes less than 5 minutes.
  5. Bring a map.  It’s always helpful to have a current atlas, especially when you’re traveling to an unfamiliar area.


As you prepare your car, a StowAway cargo carrier will provide the extra space you need for your Independence Day plans.  If you don’t have one already, this is a great product that will make your storage for traveling much easier.

Also keep in mind there will be many other travelers on the road this weekend.  These guidelines will help you be prepared for any potential problems.  Be safe and enjoy your trip!