Take Your Picnic and Your Table With You!

May 15th, 2014 | Posted by Pacrec in Accessories | Road Trips with the StowAway Carrier - (Comments Off on Take Your Picnic and Your Table With You!)
StowAway's buffet board lets you prepare and serve an elegant email in the great outdoors

StowAway’s buffet board lets you prepare and serve an elegant meal in the great outdoors

One of my favorite things about recreational pursuits – aside from the recreation itself – is creating a juxtaposition of the elegant with the rustic. For example, I once trekked to the top of Tumalo Butte in Central Oregon, in the dead of winter, on Nordic skis, with a backpack holding warm brie baked in a puff pastry, rice crackers, grapes, and champagne.

At the risk of bragging, I will tell you that while my friends shared granola bars, cheese sticks, mini-carrots, and apples, I rocked the adventure with my four-star menu and a checkered tablecloth.

So, to create an elegant picnic by the beach, after spending the morning kayaking in the sea, is my idea of … perfection.

Imagine my delight when I came across the MAX Hitch Carrier Team Package with a buffet board from StowAway2.com. This is a rock star accessory to the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier that rides behind my SUV (also very cool).

The thing I love most about this carrier team package, is that I can pack everything I need for my gourmet picnic in the Hitch Cargo Carrier and then lay out my banquet on the buffet board. (Anyone who has ever gone camping or picnicking knows the value of a solid, horizontal surface off the ground.) The board fits snugly at the top of the cargo box, creating a generous surface (23″ x 19″) to prepare my food and then present it on a buffet table. Voila!

On the technical side, the buffet board is made from a commercial-grade polyethylene that will not dull my knives, which I appreciate. On the practical side, for large gatherings, I can place two boards side by side to create a work space and buffet table twice the size. When our meal is over, I store the buffet board inside the carrier. The artistic side? That’s all up to me. And it makes me happy to create an elegant meal and serve it in the rough and rugged beauty of the natural world.

The MAX Hitch Carrier Team Package also comes with an assortment of Custom Taillight Reflectors in the rainbow colors of blue, green, orange, red, silver and yellow, adding a little more bling to my rugged adventures.

Want some other ideas for incorporating the buffet board into your recreational pursuits? I would suggest an afternoon picnic of after a day of hardcore mountain biking. To eat as vigorously as you rode, create an abundant Italian antipasto buffet of prosciutto, roasted turkey, salami, Havarti cheese, assorted olives and sliced baguettes.

Camping? Serve hearty omelets stuffed with sautéed mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, spinach, and feta cheese. Then tuck the dishes and pans inside the cargo carrier while you head to the lake or the river or the mountains – wherever your heart leads you.