Hood to Coast with StowAway Carrier

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Hood to Coast with StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier

Hood To Coast - StowAway Cargo Carrier - Hitch Cargo Carrier

This Hood to Coast Relay Team really loves their StowAway2 Hitch Cargo Carrier!

After a summer of record-setting high temperatures in Oregon, a powerful storm blew into the area just in time for the “Mother of All Relays” during the last weekend of August.

During the 34th annual Hood to Coast Relay, which takes participants nearly 200 miles from the base of Mt. Hood to the beaches of Seaside, wind gusts up to 60 mph and heavy rains tested the endurance and fortitude of each runner. Wet, tired, and windblown, participants running the last leg of the race were surprised to find that the finish line had been moved from the sandy coastal beach to the promenade in downtown Seaside as a safety precaution.

Hood to Coast - KOIN 6

This runner doesn’t appear to be bothered by the inclement weather. Photo courtesy of KOIN 6.

Event coordinators were forced to modify the finish party after event canopies, sanicans and chairs set up on the beach were found blown over Saturday morning. Participants were urged to dress warm, wear raingear, and stay alert for downed trees and debris as they made their way from mountain to coast. While some runners seemed to enjoy racing in the wet and stormy weather, others were less enthused. But I think everyone can agree that this was definitely an event they won’t soon forget!

Team members check out the grub in their StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier.

Team members check out the grub in their StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier.

Despite heavy winds, rain, and even some hail, the 13,000 participants in this year’s Hood to Coast Race didn’t let the weather dampen their spirits. With over one thousand teams participating this year, runners in the world’s oldest and most popular running relay race surpassed the fundraising goal of $550K, bringing in nearly $562K for cancer research, treatment, and services at Providence Cancer Center to help #finishcancer. Congratulations to all of the 2015 !

StowAway2 had the privilege of sponsoring another team for this year’s race. As you can see, their Hitch Cargo Carrier kept them fed, hydrated, and happy throughout the grueling event.

For more information about this event or to find out how you can participate or volunteer next year, please visit the Hood to Coast website.


How Can You Use Your StowAway SwingAway Frame?

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How Can You Use Your StowAway SwingAway Frame?

The StowAway SwingAway Frame can be used for a multitude of ingenious purposes

The StowAway SwingAway Frame can be used for a multitude of ingenious applications

With its 180-degree swivel capacity, the StowAway Frame makes the hitch cargo carrier the best, easy-access method to haul your extra gear and supplies. But its ingenuity doesn’t stop there – especially when you add some of your own great ideas. What can you do with 180 degrees of moveable space on a heavy-duty, welded steel frame on the back of your car/jeep /truck? Here are some great ideas to get you started thinking out of the box and onto the frame. And when you come up with your own … send photos!

The easiest, ready-made use of the StowAway SwingAway Frame is to turn it into a tailgating grill station. Add your own grill or take advantage of the StowAway Tailgate Grill Station Plus, which comes with a Cuisinart gas grill, acrylic cutting board and two folding side shelves. Read more about the Grill Station Plus in this “Ramp Up Your Game” blog.

Also with the StowAway SwingAway Frame, you can tow a wide variety of useful things – in various sizes and shapes – up to 200 pounds:

The StowAway SwingAway Frame isn't just for pulling and hauling

The StowAway SwingAway Frame isn’t just for pulling and hauling

• Tow a portable generator to your cabin or campsite in the woods to power everything from bug zappers to coffee pots.

• Haul your motorcycle or dirt bike far away from civilization for some fun on the back roads.

• Take your Vespa on a road trip so that when you get where you’re going, you can cruise around town quickly and easily, with less gas and fewer parking hassles.

• Carry your bikes on the StowAway Hitch Mounted Bike Carrier, which holds and protects up to four bikes – wherever you want to take them – with soft rubber cradles and straps.

• Some avid Jimmy Buffett fans we know actually used their StowAway SwingAway Frame as the foundation for a Tiki bar in the parking lot. And what if – heaven forbid – you need to get more ice and limes? The whole affair swings out 180 degrees to give you easy access to the rear door/s of your vehicle.

• We also know someone who mounted a Rubbermaid tub on the back of his Tesla roadster, to give himself some extra cargo space with his space-age electric car.

This space-age electric car gets a space upgrade

This space-age electric car gets a space upgrade

The strength, versatility and convenience of the StowAway SwingAway Frame invites new and innovative ideas for towing, transporting and celebrating. Because it is so strong and well made, you can let your imagination soar, knowing the frame will always be there to support you.

Where is StowAway Cargo Carrier Now? France!

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This post marks the start of new series, Where’s StowAway Now? We receive many great messages from customers telling us all of the great places they’ve taken their StowAway products and how they’ve used them and we want to share that with all of you.

This week’s post might surprise you but it’s true…the StowAway has been seen in France & Spain! The Zahn family
of Toulouse, France had been searching for a long time for the best way to haul their son’s dirt bike and still be able
to follow him while he road. They found just what they needed when searching online.

StowAway in France

The StowAway Swingaway Frame enjoying some fun with the Zahn family in Europe.

“When I discovered StowAway on the net, I knew it was the way to carry my son’s motorcycle on the rear of my Toyota land cruiser.

With the StowAway Frame I could still go offroad together with my son on his motorcycle which would not be possible with a trailer. And, the swingaway frame allows access to the rear door, even with the bike on it.

There was one problem at first, however—shipping to France was estimated at about $500-$600—just too expensive!

We decided to visit Florida that summer and I asked Jim from StowAway to send me the big package to our hotel in Orlando. We used it throughout our journey in Florida and the Keys with our rental car.

Upon departure to Toulouse, France via Frankfurt, I took a chance and went to the Lufthansa boarding desk
at the Miami and asked if we could bring a 90 pound package as extra luggage and they accepted with extra charge of only $50!

The SwingAway flew with us in the Huge Airbus 380 back to Europe. After changing the hitch of my 4X4, our family has gone with our son offroading on his motorcycle several times in Aragon in the Spanish Pyrenees.”

– Pierre & Danielle Zahn

Our thanks to the Zahn family for sharing their story and photos with us—and thanks to the Lufthansa crew for having reasonable rates for additional luggage!

Stay tuned for our next post to see where else StowAway shows up as we continue tracking, Where’s StowAway Now?


Do you have a fun or unique story about where or how you’ve used your StowAway? Tell us about it!
Send us an email and maybe you’ll be featured in one of our future blogs…