Hood to Coast with StowAway Carrier

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Hood to Coast with StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier

Hood To Coast - StowAway Cargo Carrier - Hitch Cargo Carrier

This Hood to Coast Relay Team really loves their StowAway2 Hitch Cargo Carrier!

After a summer of record-setting high temperatures in Oregon, a powerful storm blew into the area just in time for the “Mother of All Relays” during the last weekend of August.

During the 34th annual Hood to Coast Relay, which takes participants nearly 200 miles from the base of Mt. Hood to the beaches of Seaside, wind gusts up to 60 mph and heavy rains tested the endurance and fortitude of each runner. Wet, tired, and windblown, participants running the last leg of the race were surprised to find that the finish line had been moved from the sandy coastal beach to the promenade in downtown Seaside as a safety precaution.

Hood to Coast - KOIN 6

This runner doesn’t appear to be bothered by the inclement weather. Photo courtesy of KOIN 6.

Event coordinators were forced to modify the finish party after event canopies, sanicans and chairs set up on the beach were found blown over Saturday morning. Participants were urged to dress warm, wear raingear, and stay alert for downed trees and debris as they made their way from mountain to coast. While some runners seemed to enjoy racing in the wet and stormy weather, others were less enthused. But I think everyone can agree that this was definitely an event they won’t soon forget!

Team members check out the grub in their StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier.

Team members check out the grub in their StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier.

Despite heavy winds, rain, and even some hail, the 13,000 participants in this year’s Hood to Coast Race didn’t let the weather dampen their spirits. With over one thousand teams participating this year, runners in the world’s oldest and most popular running relay race surpassed the fundraising goal of $550K, bringing in nearly $562K for cancer research, treatment, and services at Providence Cancer Center to help #finishcancer. Congratulations to all of the 2015 !

StowAway2 had the privilege of sponsoring another team for this year’s race. As you can see, their Hitch Cargo Carrier kept them fed, hydrated, and happy throughout the grueling event.

For more information about this event or to find out how you can participate or volunteer next year, please visit the Hood to Coast website.


Roadtrek and the StowAway Carrier: The Perfect Team

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The StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier adds 16 cubit feet of storage space to Class B RVs, such as the Roadtrek

The StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier adds 16 cubit feet of storage space to Class B RVs, such as the Roadtrek

I love having a Home-On-The-Go, a little RV that serves as my second home when I’m on recreational pursuits. A Roadtrek gives me the convenience and comforts of home, and a roof over my head – like a little hermit crab, taking my castle with me wherever I go.

Living the RV lifestyle doesn’t have to be a big, expensive endeavor. If you downsize your Class A motorhome to a more compact Roadtrek, for example, you can save greatly on fuel and still enjoy many of the top-tier amenities of larger recreational vehicles. Your trips don’t have to be cramped, pared-down affairs either, just because you opted for a smaller RV. For avid rubber-tire travelers, a Roadtrek and the StowAway Carrier make the perfect team.

With 16 cubic feet of space, the Max StowAway Cargo Carrier has the capacity to hold 200 pounds of gear and supplies. Many of the things you would normally store inside your motorhome can now be stored outside, in the sturdy, secure, easy-access cargo box behind your vehicle.

In my case, I always travel with the essentials: hair care products and the dog. In case “hair care products” don’t speak for themselves, here’s the lowdown: shampoo, conditioner, gel, Morrocan oil, styling spray, hair drier, two curling irons, hairspray, one comb, two brushes, hair clips and rubber bands. All too true.

Even more importantly, I take Pippin, my Golden-Retriever-On-The-Go, on all my recreational pursuits. Pippin loves to travel, but he has his essential needs, too, including: crunchy food, gooey food, food and water bowls, treats, his favorite bed, spare leashes, toys, and plenty of towels (he’s a water dog; no doubt he will always get wet and will often get muddy).

Then, of course I need the essentials of my recreational pursuits, which include always special gear, clothing and shoes. Biking, for example, requires clip-in shoes, padded shorts, helmet, gloves, water bottles, maps, tops of many pockets, and, well, the bike.

With the StowAway Cargo Carrier, I have plenty of room for all my essentials and even more room inside the RV for Pippin and me. And, conveniently attached to my trailer hitch, the unique SwingAway frame pivots 180 degrees to give me complete and easy access to the back of the vehicle.

Key Features of the Cargo Box:

  • Molded from the same high-impact polymer used in white water kayaks.
  • 16 cubic feet of storage capacity
  • Carries up to 200 pounds
  • Lockable lid for security
  • Fully functional taillights and wrap-around reflectors
  • Built-in carrying handles and a drain plug for easy clean up
  • Weep holes to deter water in wet weather
  • Box in black or white
  • Dimensions 51″ long x 23″ wide x 26″ high
  • 10-year limited warranty

Key Features of the SwingAway Frame:

  • Rises 5″ for ground clearance
  • Pivots up to 180º for clear access to your vehicle. Locks at 90º for tailgating.
  • Rugged steel with dual safety feature

No matter what I’m packing or where I’m going, I know I don’t have to sacrifice my essentials – or a reasonable amount of indulgences – when I’ve got the StowAway Cargo Carrier behind me.

Where is StowAway Cargo Carrier Now? At a Wedding!

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We’ve seen the StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier offroading in France and Spain and the StowAway Tailgate Grill Station at various tailgates around the country lately. Now, it seems that StowAway has been invited to a more elegant affair…a wedding, to be exact.

That’s right. Keenan and Denise Schnider were marrried on September 29, 2012 in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. They drove to their wedding from their home in Portland, Oregon with the StowAway on the back of their SUV, carrying various wedding necessities.

Everything but the kitchen sink…

“We had everything from gifts for our family and wedding party to table decorations to golf clubs in there,” the new Mrs. Schnider said. “We honestly don’t know what we would have done without the StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier!”

After their wedding, the couple headed to Lake Coeur d’Alene for their honeymoon, with the StowAway in tow and then finally back home to Portland. All in all, the StowAway safely carried all of the newlywed’s wedding and honeymoon items more than 1,500 miles and four states.

A special connection

While being invited to a wedding is always a special thing, this story offers another special “twist” – the bride is none other than StowAway2.com’s own Senior e-Commerce Specialist! Denise Angvick, now Schnider, has worked for the company for more than three years and is excited every time she has an opportunity to use the products.

The cleaned up StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier enjoying the view along the way.

“Before I worked here, I didn’t know that hitch cargo carriers even existed – it never would have crossed my mind to look for one,” said Denise.

“After driving a two door car for the past eight years, I finally purchased an SUV equipped to handle the MAX carrier this spring. I was so excited to use the product I had been writing about and demonstrating for the past three years.

“We utilized the carrier on a whitewater rafting trip to Maupin earlier this summer – we drove through pouring rain in the Gorge and arrived at our campsite to find our gear was perfectly dry. It continued to rain all weekend so we were extremely thankful to be able to put all of our wet, muddy gear into the carrier instead of the brand new vehicle. After that experience, we knew that there was no way we would be able to travel to our wedding without the MAX.

“I have always said that I could not represent a company unless I believed in the products and these two trips reinforced my beliefs that we have the best hitch cargo carrier on the market. The extra storage space was unbeatable, the swingaway frame was a necessity and the carrier cleaned up nicely after being on gravel roads in Montana.”

Congratulations to the Schniders – we wish you a life full of happy travels!