Road Tripin’ Tips from StowAway Cargo Carriers

June 8th, 2012 | Posted by Pacrec in Road Trips - (Comments Off on Road Tripin’ Tips from StowAway Cargo Carriers)

Spring has come and now we’re headed full bore into summer: the season of exploring.  What better way to explore than to gas up the car, pack up your stowaway, grab the family, and see a new part of the country on a good old fashioned road trip?

While Hollywood and great American literature have made road trips out to be something only for young people to do on the cheap, they are not the only ones that can experience the joys of a road trip.  Spending time on the road and having new experiences with the people close to you can bring you even closer together in a way that flying somewhere can’t match.  Here is a list of useful resources and products that can get you started on your next road trip.

Road Trip America is a great one stop shop for all things road trip.  They have a list of exciting routes in every area of the country, a hotel finder, maps, and articles on trip ideas.  While other resources combined may provide a more detailed trip planner, no one website has you covered for all things road trip like

Extra Storage

StowAway Stow Hitch Cargo Carrier

The Stow Away being used on a road (or beach) trip

A storage solution like a hitch cargo carrier from StowAway can help you bring along everything you need for your road trip.  Camping gear, food, water, extra clothes, and everything else you need on the road adds up quick when packing up the car for a road trip.  A StowAway will help you fit everything you need so that you won’t be cramped for your long hours on the road.

A GPS System

While maps are great and a physical copy of anything is useful, nothing is more frustrating than going an hour in the wrong direction because you read the map wrong.  GPS systems (either in your smart phone or in a stand alone unit) can help make the most efficient use of your time on the road and save you from getting lost on an old dirt road or in the wrong part of town.

Travel Guide

Area specific travel guides like the ones created by Lonely Planet and Fodors can be an extremely useful resource when traveling in an area you don’t know much about.  They generally provide must see attractions, good local restaurants, and will make sure that you don’t miss anything when out exploring a new area on a road trip.


The most important resource when out on a road trip is to be outgoing and friendly to everybody you meet.  Talk to the locals and see where they recommend you go.  Because they live their, they will most likely know best.

So enjoy your summer and try to experience a new part of your state, region, or country.  Also remember to check out for all of your hitch storage needs.


Happy Travels!