Ramp Up Your Game With a Hitch Mounted Grill

May 15th, 2014 | Posted by Pacrec in Tailgating - (Comments Off on Ramp Up Your Game With a Hitch Mounted Grill)
Ramp up your tailgating menu with the Grill Station Plus.

You got “game” with the Tailgate Grill Station Plus

I’ve spent my fair share of time in stadium parking lots, wearing my team colors, tossing footballs, and eating hot dogs, macaroni salad and potato chips. No more! Actually, I still love tailgating with my friends at football games, but the bill of fare (read: menu) has evolved exponentially with the acquisition of a Cuisinart hitch-mounted grill from StowAway.

Now “we got game” with kebabs, fajitas, stir-fry, cheesy bread, toasted buns, roasted veggies, steaks, and sautéed mushrooms. We have definitely ramped up the quality of our food and thus the whole tailgating experience. (We know that because everyone wants to party under our canopy. And I don’t think it’s the satellite-fed 54-inch flat screen.)

StowAway’s Tailgate Grill Station Plus also works great for car camping – knocking camp stoves right off the picnic table. With a Cuisinart 12,000-BTU gas grill, the grilling station offers a generous cooking surface (19.8″ x 27.8″ x 12.8″), two folding side shelves for added workspace, and a snap-on cutting board that provides a 25.5″ x 18.5″ work surface. The patented SwingAway frame is also included, which opens 180° from the rear of the vehicle, so you can “get your grill on” while still having complete and easy access to the back of your rig.

Here are my three favorite things about StowAway’s Tailgate Grill Station Plus:

1. Convenience
• Haul your grill and cooler to the game without taking up a bunch of space inside your vehicle; plus set up is a snap
• The grill swings out 180 degrees for grilling at the game, giving easy access to the back of your vehicle
• The grilling station includes a big, snap-on cutting board

2. Versatility
• Grill can easily be removed and used on your patio or elsewhere
• Frame and rack also be used to haul gear for activities other than tailgating (camping, vacations, road trips, etc.)
• Room to add a second grill if additional grill capacity is needed

3. Durability
• Heavy duty SwingAway frame, with black powder-coated finish that minimizes corrosion; Transports up to 200 pounds of gear with a 2″ hitch and 125 pounds with a 1.25″ hitch
• Stainless steel Cuisinart grill with temperature gauge for thorough cooking and twist-start ignition for easy start-up

If you already have a StowAway hitch cargo carrier, you can take off the cargo rack and put your own grill on the same frame. The heavy-duty frame and rack carry up to 200 pounds.

Tailgating, camping, or rocking the family reunion, StowAway’s Tailgate Grill Station Plus makes you the Master Griller of the Day and gives you game.