Help StowAway And Wrigley Fight Canine Cancer!

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‘Tis the season of giving so we have teamed up with Wrigley the Flyin’ Weimaraner, our StowAway sponsored Dock Diving champion, to help fund K9 Cancer studies!

Have fun and make a guess on how many total feet Wrigley has jumped during his Big Air competitions this past year (*hint- it’s the total distance of 34 jumps!).

The person with the closest guess will have a $100 donation made in their name (or in a name of their choosing) to Chase Away K9 Cancer. The $100 donation will be made jointly by Wrigley and StowAway.

Chase Away K9 Cancer supports cancer research, education and prevention in dogs. All money raised (yes, 100%!) by Chase Away K9 Cancer goes toward this mission.

The winner will be selected on Thursday, December 20, so get your votes in now. Just go to our Facebook page and post your vote there. You can either comment on our post announcing the contest or simply create a new post.

We’ll pick the winner on Thurs, Dec 20th. Please share this post, have fun & thanks for helping us give back!

Post your guess on our Facebook page now!

Thank you!


StowAway Cargo Carriers Sponsor Wrigley, the Flyin’ Weimaraner!

October 25th, 2012 | Posted by Pacrec in Dogs & Pets - (Comments Off on StowAway Cargo Carriers Sponsor Wrigley, the Flyin’ Weimaraner!)

Like many StowAway cargo carrier owners, Meghan Williams has a dog that routinely travels with the family. However, for Meghan, her dog is often the reason for their family travels…meet Wrigley, also known as the Flyin’ Weimaraner.

Wrigley is a Dock Dog champion, having earned multiple titles in various competitions such as Big Air, Extreme Vertical and Speed Retrieve. Dock Dogs is the world’s premiere canine aquatics competition and holds events around the globe.

When Wrigley started competing, Meghan and her husband knew they would need a travel carrier as they would be on the road a lot. We asked Meghan to tell us about her family’s experience with their StowAway MAX cargo carrier:

“We searched the internet for a couple months when we came across the website.

We had never used any type of rack previously. After looking at the big names like Thule and Yakima, we decided they did not offer what we were looking for and we didn’t want anything that would be roof mounted. We wanted something easily accessible and safe to use. We also realized that a roof rack unit would create more “drag” on our vehicle and reduce our gas mileage.

So we focused our buying on hitch-mounted units. We own a 2007 Chevy Trailblazer and knew it could support something on the larger side. We needed something that could store a full size stroller and quickly realized that narrowed our choices even further.

We chose the StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier for several reasons. We wanted a unit that swung out instead of tilted down so our dog could easily and safely exit the rear of the vehicle. It was the largest carrier we could find that would hold our stroller and other essential items. We really liked the fact that it was water tight and built with very high quality materials. We really like the taillights so that other drivers could see the carrier on the back of our vehicle. We also loved the wheels! None of the other models we looked at had wheels and we use them to easily move and store the carrier when not in use.

We have owned our StowAway for about 3 years and have taken it all over the country, traveling around 20,000 miles. The longest trip that we have taken with the StowAway is a 5,500 mile round trip from Chicago to Portland Oregon for the 2010 Dock Dogs World Championships.

We have a passion for dock jumping, with our dog Wrigley. He runs off of a 40’ dock into a 50’ pool for distance, height and speed. He is currently ranked 9th in the world, with a personal best distance jump of 27’ 11”. He also competes in a vertical jumping competition, which he has a personal best of 7’ 4”. We usually compete in about two shows a month from March to November. With all of these events, we have gotten really good at taking the StowAway Max on and off the Trailblazer – we can have it installed, packed up and ready to go in about 30 minutes!

We often say that the StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier was the single best accessory we have ever purchased for any vehicle we’ve ever owned. When we travel to the dog jumping competitions, people always asks us where they can purchase one. We gladly show them how it works and give them information on where one can be purchased. We are truly astonished at how much we have been able to put into the unit when we travel. Our daughter has since graduated from her full size stroller to an umbrella stroller so now we can also fit 3 bag chairs, either a small pop up tent or a tent-like canopy, 2 backpacks full of dog handling items and probably 2 or 3 other backpacks of items.”

We at StowAway are thrilled to know that our MAX Cargo Carrier has been able to help Meghan, Wrigley and their family on so many trips. And, StowAway is extremely proud to sponsor Wrigley and invite you to follow his events on his Facebook page. Go Wrigley!