Hockey Equipment Storage | Another Use for the StowAway

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hockey equipment storageIf you have ever played hockey or have kids that play hockey, you know how dirty and smell a hockey equipment can get after just one practice.  Storing hockey equipment and keeping hockey gear clean can be a difficult task.  After three periods, pads, jerseys, gloves, skates, and other hockey equipment will be soaking wet from the ice and sweat.  The solution is often washing all the equipment and thoroughly drying it out.  However, you can wash anything until you get home.  Even with a victory, this leaves you with an unbearable ride home.

StowAway hockey equipment storageTo make the drive from the hockey rink more bearable, the StowAway Cargo Carrier is the perfect solution.  The cargo carrier easily attaches to the trailer hitch receiver of a vehicle and stores up to 16 cubic feet of hockey equipment (as well as other gear).  The 200 lbs. capacity will easily hold all your pads and hockey equipment.  The cargo carrier allows for convenient storage of your dirty hockey gear outside of the vehicle.  Unlike a rooftop box, all your equipment will be available at ground level so don’t have to lift everything above your head.  The StowAway cargo carrier will keep everything dry (from the rain at least) and will be secure with a locking latch.

The StowAway Cargo Carrier is great for hockey equipment storage but it can be used for almost anything.  Team sports, vacation travel, hunting, fishing, or tailgating, these carriers can be used anytime more storage is required in your vehicle.  Find out more about StowAway Cargo Carriers and using them for hockey equipment storage at

Hitting the Thanksgiving Travel Trail

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Stowaway cargo travelWell, the economy may be down, but it seems that Thanksgiving travel this year is going to be up.

AAA is predicting that 42.5 million Americans will travel during the Thanksgiving week this year, up 4% from last year. And with airfares up 20 percent (plus all those pesky fees), more stringent security, cancelled, delayed and overbooked flights, 38.2 million of those Americans will be driving.  That’s a lot of Buicks on the blacktop.

Whether you view it as a welcome tradition or guilt-laden obligation, the Thanksgiving road trip is an American classic. Over the river and all that. But just because you’re not dealing with the insanity of an airport doesn’t make driving a piece of cake (or pumpkin pie). Here are a few tips to take some of the kinks out of that long and winding road.

Let’s face it there’s going to be traffic. So if possible try to avoid the peak rush hours, like Wednesday afternoon and evening. If you can leave a day or two early, and if that’s not too much family face time for you, go for it. If you don’t have too long of a drive ahead of you, get up early and leave on Thanksgiving morning. The traffic is usually light and it can make for a mellow drive.

Or try an alternate route, like a state or county road. It may take a little longer, but the scenery is better and you’ll probably find it much less stressful than being on the Interstate, which can unknowingly take it’s toll tension-wise. This is also a good back-up plan in case of freeway wrecks and closures.

Make sure everyone is comfortable. Too many people and possessions crammed in a small space can cause not only physical discomfort but emotional trauma as well with all the whining and complaining. A good way to alleviate crowding is with the addition of a cargo carrier, like the StowAway MAX Hitch Cargo Carrier. With 16 cubic feet of storage space and 200 lbs of gear capacity, it comes complete with taillights, side reflectors, lock and weep holes on a swingaway or fixed frame.

Make sure you take frequent rest breaks. The act of just walking a little bit, even if it’s just to use the facilities or stretch out will significantly reduce stiffness in muscles and joints, especially in the “chronologically gifted”. And it helps keep those nasty blood clots at bay.

So now you’re ready. Get packed, load up and head out. Join that other 38.2 of your fellow Thanksgiving travelers and have a fun, and most importantly, safe trip.

StowAway Bike Rack and Gear Rack

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Bike RackIf you are looking for a way to transport your bikes and haul a little extra gear, the StowAway Bike Rack and Gear Rack offers the perfect solution.  The StowAway Bike Rack and Gear Rack offers many of the same features as other hitch mounted bike racks on the market.  This product combines the versatility of a cargo gear rack along with the utility of a standard bike rack. StowAway’s products reaches beyond cargo boxes and provides solutions for all your cargo needs.

The bike rack include soft rubber cradles to protect and securely hold up to 4 bikes.  The bike rack can be remove to give more storage room for the gear rack below.  It also comes with a security cable lock and locking hitch pin.  The bike rack is available in two sizes to fit 1.25″ and 2″ hitch receivers.  It also comes with StowAway’s receiver hitch tightener, a useful device that eliminate annoying hitch wobble.

Gear RackPerhaps the most unique feature is the cargo gear rack attached below the bike rack.  This is a useful addition allows you to carry extra gear like helmets, tool kits, or any other accessories you might need.  The large and sturdy rack measures 53″ x 25″ x 5″ and provides ample room your gear.  The gear rack is constructed out of thick powder coated steel tubing and is backed by a 5 year warranty.

The combination of a Bike Rack and Gear Rack fits on the fixed or SwingAway frame.  The SwingAway frame open 180 degrees and allows you to access the rear door of your vehicle (One or more bikes may need to be removed to open the liftgate on some vehicles).   Finally, StowAway products are built for versatility.  If you already own a cargo box and frame,  the Bike Rack and Gear Rack will attach directly to the frame you have.  You can purchase the StowAway Bike Rack and Gear Rack combination at

Trailer Hitch Tongue Weight

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One common question we receive at StowAway Cargo Carriers is, “Just how much weight can a StowAway carry?”  Well, it depends…  Our 2″ frame cargo carriers can hold up to 200 pounds while the 1.25″ frame carriers are rated for 125 pound of cargo.  But the box is only one half of the puzzle.  Your vehicle and hitch receiver also factor into the cargo capacity.

Trailer hitch tongue weightThe StowAway cargo carrier mounts onto the hitch receiver, so the vehicle will have to be able to accommodate the extra weight in the rear.  The ability to handle extra weight is measured by a manufacturer’s maximum “tongue weight” specification.  The tongue weight of a vehicle describes the largest downward force that can be safely applied to its hitch receiver.  The vehicle’s tongue weight may have to be calculated from gross trailer weight capacity (multiply by 0.10).  For example, a gross trailer weight of 2,000 lbs. will equal 200 lbs. tongue weight.

The hitch receiver itself will also be rated for a certain tongue weight.  When making calculations for your vehicle’s carrying capacity, use the smaller of the two values (vehicle tongue weight and hitch tongue weight).

The cargo weight and carrier weight combined cannot exceed the vehicle/hitch tongue weight.  The StowAway Cargo Carrier itself weighs between 65 and 99 pounds, depending on the model you have.  Exceeding the tongue weight will put undue stress on the vehicle, overloading the rear axle. This can lead to tire blowout, suspension failure, bearing deterioration, and poor handling.

Remember to use the lowest tongue weight in your calculations.  For example, if you have a hitch rated for 350lbs. and your vehicle is only rated for 200lbs., you would only be able to carry a total of 200lbs. If you have any other questions about tongue weight or carrying capacity, contact us at or look at our resource articles.

Halloween – StowAway Cargo Carriers

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With a little over a week until Halloween, you may be looking for ways to use your StowAway Cargo Carrier for the seasonal festivities.  We have come up with some interesting ways to use the StowAway Cargo Carrier while you are preparing for the various activities associated with Halloween.  If you are doing any traveling next weekend, a hitch mounted cargo carrier is perfect for carrying your extra bags and giving your passengers a little more leg room.  You can also add custom orange reflectors to give your cargo carrier some Halloween spirit.

pumpkins in a cargo carrierAnother great options is our tailgate package.  This comes with colored reflective tape and a cutting board that fits perfectly to the inside of the box (great for cutting those leftover bobbing apples).

The StowAway Cargo Carrier would be perfect for your trip to the pumpkin patch.  A cargo capacity of 200lbs (2″ frames) will let you carry back plenty of pumpkins without getting the inside of you vehicle dirty.

Don’t forget Trick-or-Treating!  While the kids can only dream of filling all 16 cubic feet the MAX cargo carrier with candy, the cargo carrier can be a great place to store flashlights, first aid kits, and other trick-or-treat gear while you follow your kids around the neighborhood.

And if you don’t find a use for our cargo carriers for Halloween, have fun next weekend.  Be safe and watch out for those zombies, werewolves and vampires!

Receiver Hitch Tightener

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Receiver Hitch TightenerOne of the most common topics we get asked about at StowAway Cargo carriers is how to install and use the receiver hitch tightener.  Most of our hitch mounted cargo carriers come standard with a receiver hitch tightener.  This is a simple, yet essential device that can be use on almost any hitch mounted carrier.  The StowAway Receiver Hitch Tightener is used to keep any hitch mounted cargo rack from wobbling or shaking while driving down the road.  Because vehicle hitch manufacturers and hitch rack manufacturers use slightly different tolerances, this means no two parts will fit perfectly and will create some amount of hitch wobble.  This tightener easily attaches to 1.25″ or 2″ hitch receivers and effectively eliminates wobble in bike racks or cargo carriers. (more…)

MAX Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

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MAX hitch mounted carog carrierThe MAX hitch mounted Cargo Carrier by StowAway is the perfect solution when you need more room in your vehicle.  The MAX cargo carrier is the largest box produced by StowAway and holds up to 200lbs and 16 cubit feet of cargo.  This carrier allows you to mount a large box onto your vehicle’s rear hitch receiver.  The cargo carrier can be mounted on a regular fixed frame or the patented swingaway frame that provides access to your vehicle’s rear doors.  The frames themselves are made our of professionally welded, heavy-duty steel tubing and protected by a thick powder coat.  The box is constructed out of a highly durable polymer, the same material used in some high performance whitewater kayaks.  The MAX model comes standard with full functioning tail lights and other accessories, like the StowAway hitch tightener that reduces hitch wobble.

If you are considering a roof mounted base rack, keep in mind you will have to load your cargo overhead, whereas a hitch mounted carrier can be loaded at ground level.  Also consider the cost of additional accessories that roof racks require for different types of cargo.  A hitch mounted rack is much simpler and quicker install than a rooftop rack.  With the MAX cargo carrier, you won’t have to mess around with crossbars, fit hooks, stays, pads, end caps, or locks (you’ll have at least four locks for just the crossbars).  Remember that most roof racks are custom fit to each model of vehicle.  With the StowAway MAX, you will be able to switch to nearly any vehicle with a 2″ hitch receiver.

You can learn more about and purchase the MAX hitch mounted cargo carrier at

Tesla Roadster Cargo Carrier

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Tesla Roadster Hitch Cargo CarrierHere at StowAway Cargo Carriers, we get all kinds of vehicle that come in for hitch carrier installs.  Everything from RVs and travel trailers to passenger sedans.  Today, we got pretty interesting car come to install a basic frame, a Tesla Roadster!  That’s right, the electric, constant torque, 288hp sports car was here at our warehouse in Portland, Oregon.

The Tesla Roadster’s has nearly a 250 mile range on a single charge.  However, the sporty two-seat coupe design doesn’t leave much room for storing your luggage.  That’s where the StowAway Basic Frame comes in.  The Tesla Roadster owners installed a 1-1/4″ hitch receiver and put a custom box on our frame.  As you can see, the results look great.  The custom box along with the basic frame allows for extra storage without compromising rear mirror visibility or blocking the tail lights.

Tesla Roadster Cargo Carrier


If you are looking for extra cargo room for you vehicle and you’re not sure our cargo carriers will work for you, give us a call, we might have a custom solution for your needs.Tesla Roadster Hitch Cargo Carrier

First Day of Fall – How to store your StowAway

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StowAway CarrierToday, September 23, 2011 marks the autumnal equinox.  In layman’s terms, today is the first day of fall. This event is celebrated around the world with various festivals.  Although today is not as recognized in the Western Hemisphere, it is a good time to consider plans for the fall.  As most outdoor activities are coming to an end, we should all think about how we store our summer gear.  This is a perfect time to thoroughly clean your camping , biking, and fishing gear for proper storage during the fall and winter months.

We would like to give you some tips on how to properly store your StowAway Cargo Carrier during the off-season.

  1. Wash your StowAway – All you need is water, mild detergent, and a wash rag.  Simply wipe it down and rinse.
  2. Find a secure location – Whether it’s in your garage or outside your house, try to find an area that provides some protection from the elements.  While the StowAway is weather resistant, we suggest using a trap if you must store the carrier outdoors.
  3. Close the lid – Our boxes are made of an extremely durable material but it does tend to expand and contract with varying temperature.  We suggest you store the box in the closed position to keep the two section from expanding/contracting too much.

Our cargo boxes are perfect for storing equipment during the off-months.  Might also want to keep you accessories (hitch tightener, keys, hitch lock) in the carrier so you’re ready to go as soon as next season rolls along.

Agility Dog Competitions

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agility dog courseRecently, StowAway Cargo Carriers got the opportunity sponsor a competitive agility dog trainer, Mary Lou.  She has been competing and training dogs for many years and thought our product would be great for traveling to competitions.  Every year, we find so many interesting and new uses for our StowAway Cargo carriers.  If you didn’t know, agility dog trainers compete by racing their dog in an obstacle course and try to finish with the quickest time and least penalties.  Obstacles require the dogs to run, jump, hurdle, weave, and climb through the course.  Trainers will run with their dog and guide them through each obstacle.  Competitions often range from 3-4 days and regional events can draw hundreds of competitors from many miles away.

stowaway for dogsWhen competitors travel for regional events, they need pack food, toys, water, treats, leashes, bowls, and other dog supplies.  And this is on top of all their own personal luggage and supplies.  Often the vehicle is packed and leaves very little room for passengers or dogs.  This is where the StowAway Cargo Carrier has come in handy for dog owners and trainers.  The StowAway MAX can carry 16 cu ft and 2oolbs of your dog’s supplies and is conveniently located behind your vehicle.  So whether you are national competitor or a novice trainer, the StowAway cargo carrier is perfect for getting you to and from your agility competitions.