Where is StowAway Now? Tailgating with the Fighting Irish!

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Tailgating season is in full swing it seems…and the StowAway Tailgate Grill Station is cooking all over the country! Our sources tell us that it was a big part of the fun for some Notre Dame fans recently.

The Shamrock Series is an annual favorite and this year included a match-up against Miami on October 6th at Soldier Field in Chicago.

A die-hard group of Notre Dame fans were proud not only of their team but also of their tailgate:

“The StowAway Tailgate Grill Station was amazing and a huge hit among our guests and those tailgating around us!  Also, we were impressed that the grill reached a suitable cooking temperature in 30-40 degree environment. Good performance! We also liked that it can be used on camping trips, too.”

Aha…so it’s clear…these aren’t just Fighting Irish but Smart Irish!

They know that the StowAway Tailgate Grill Station is more than just a really cool ready-to-grill tailgate product.

You can take it camping, to end-of-season kids’ team parties and more – anywhere you want to grill outside (and don’t want to compete for public grills or carrying your grill and mess inside your vehicle).

You can also remove the grill and cutting board and use the rack to haul virtually anything you can think of. And, you can even remove the rack and add a StowAway Cargo Carrier, StowAway Bike Rack or StowAway Surf Fishing Rods.

MAX Cargo Carrier
Bike & Gear Rack Combo
Surf Rod & Gear Rack Combo


So, it seems that the StowAway Tailgate Grill Station’s name is only the beginning…the “foundation” of the swingaway frame and cargo rack provide incredible flexibility and modularity that allow you to use it for far more than just tailgating.

But, for now, enjoy the tailgating season and here’s hoping that your team wins!



Where is StowAway Now? Tailgating with the Oregon Ducks!

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The versatility of StowAway SwingAway frames and racks make it impossible to predict just where these products will show up next…and what fun things people do with and because of them.

The new StowAway Tailgate Grill Station, for example, has been seen at several tailgates around the country lately. One of the most recent was at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon – home of the Oregon Ducks.

What is the StowAway Tailgate Grill Station?

The StowAway Tailgate Grill Station is an integrated, ready-to-go tailgate solution. It features the StowAway Swingaway Frame and Cargo Rack and adds to that a Cuisinart gas grill and cutting board.

All you have to do is drive to your tailgate location, open your grill and you’re ready to tailgate in style! And, when you’re not tailgating, you can use the swingaway frame and rack to transport a myriad of items (or you could put a StowAway Cargo Carrier on the frame – the possibilities are endless!).

In addition to enjoying a winning season, our Duck fans seem to enjoy the StowAway Tailgate Grill Station:

“It worked very well and we really like using it!
The cutting board was just about perfect –
it was like having an additional small table
to place items on and/or work through the
grilling process. Overall, the construction
and experience was OUTSTANDING!”

Big thanks to our Duck fans for their feedback (and the great pics, too!) –
we hope that they can enjoy future tailgates with it.

So, the next time you’re heading out to a tailgate, keep your eyes peeled for the StowAway Tailgate Grill Station…or, better yet, take one with you…

How to Tailgate in Style [Infographic]

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Football season is upon us, which means millions of Americans will be packing up the grill and heading to the stadium for some pre-kickoff food and shenanigans. Modern tailgating has evolved from casual get-togethers in the team parking lot to full-blown parties complete with food, seating and games.

As sports fans prepare for this season’s round of tailgating action, the following infographic takes a look at some of the latest research on how tailgaters party in style, which goes hand-in-hand with the use of our Tailgating Grill Stations.

hitch mounted cargo carrier

Tailgating With the Tea Freaks

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McAlister's Jeep and StowAway MAX tailgating UNCvsNCState

Partying hardy at the UNC vs. NC State game

They tailgated at some of the biggest college football games of the 2011 season. Auburn vs. Clemson, Georgia vs. Ole Miss, Tennessee vs. Arkansas, North Carolina vs. North Carolina State (Civil War!) and… Holy Cow… LSU vs. Alabama –  a preview of the National Championship game (with much different results).

This past fall, McAlister’s Deli, a restaurant chain with over 300 outlets  in 23 states,  launched their inaugural “Win Our Sweet Ride” contest. Two new Jeep Wranglers were driven weekly to different ACC and SEC football games throughout the season. The “Tea Freaks” as they affectionately call themselves on their Facebook page, tailgated with the local fans, showcasing their “Sweet Rides”. Guests at all McAlister’s restaurants could enter a contest to win the Jeeps at season’s end.

And guess who was invited to tail along at all the games? Why, the StowAway MAX Hitch Cargo Carrier, natch! (Each Jeep was equipped with one). As any serious tailgater knows, the StowAway is the go-to player when it comes to transporting all your brats, buns, beverages, coolers, grills, canopies, chairs, foam fingers and other pregame paraphernalia. Who better to haul all the freight the McAlister’s folks were toting to all those games? With 16 cubic feet of storage space and a 200 pound capacity, the StowAway MAX will hold enough refreshments to last you from pregame warm-ups to post-game interviews! Plus, the special Tailgate Package  includes a 23” x 19” cutting board  for food prep and serving. No more pounding out patties on the top of that old ice chest.

StowAway MAX with OSU tailgate option

Now those are some great team colors!

While the McAlister’s gang needed to be non-partial on team support, you don’t have to! You can proudly support your favorite team or alma mater by customizing your MAX Cargo Carrier with reflectors in six different color options to match your team’s colors (orange on black looks great). Plus, there’s a flat surface on the front of the lid designed to fit a standard bumper sticker (like… Go Beavers!).

Obviously the Tea Freaks needed all of the MAX’s impressive cargo space as they road tripped from campus to campus. But If you’re a tailgater that’s just looking for extra storage for ice chests and grills, and wants a flat sturdy surface for cooking and serving, the StowAway Tailgating Station is a game winner. A rugged StowAway Hitch Cargo Rack, mounted on a convenient swingaway frame (for easy access to the rear of your vehicle, just like the MAX), comes with a 20 ½” x 25” wooden grill platform, cargo net and hitch tightener.

When the regular season ended, McAlister’s awarded the Jeeps ( StowAways included… the  extra point is good!) to two lucky winners who are destined to have many more excellent tailgating adventures in store. A new season will be coming up before you know it, so, if you want to put a “W” in your tailgating win column, insert a StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier into your starting lineup. It just might be your MVP!




Tailgating Gear

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About two weeks ago, sports fans across the country got some good news and reassurance about their NFL teams. Although the end of the Players lockout may not be as monumental our nation’s debt ceiling crisis, it does allow fans to start gearing up for football season.  As we all know, tailgating before a game is just as important as the final score.  StowAway2.com has provided this handy blog to help revamp your tailgating gear.

One of the most important things a serious tailgater needs is a proper grill to prepare all those party foods.  Now we can debate between gas and charcoal forever but let’s highlight the important features of and tailgating grill.

  • Size –  Your grill has to be small enough to fit on your vehicle but large enough to feed your party.  When your tailgating skill improve to the point where you’re ready to feed the masses, consider upgrading to a larger grill and transporting it on StowAway’s Swingaway Cargo Rack
  • Mobility – Many of the newer barbecue grills have wheels or folding legs/stands.  These are a necessity when setting up before the game.

StowAway TailgatingThe next big items are seating and tabling.  Folding chairs are great and fit perfectly into the StowAway Cargo Carrier.  Make sure your chairs match your team’s colors.  As for tables, a great option is the Wood Grill Platform for the StowAway Cargo Rack.  It gives you plenty of surface area to prepare your side dishes and set down your plates.

Finally, you’ll need a canopy or awning.  Whether it’s Pacific Northwest rain or blazing southern sun, protection from the elements is absolutely necessary.  Again, team colors are critical to make your tailgating site complete.

Whether you are the casual fan or the die-hard enthusiast, StowAway Cargo Carriers can provide the extra space you need for your tailgating gear.