StowAway at Hood to Coast

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Hood to Coast“The MOTHER of all relays” is the bold title claimed by the Hood to Coast Relay (HTC).  At 200 miles and 15,000 runners, it is certainly one of the largest relay races in the world.  The race begins at Mt. Hood in Oregon and ends at the Pacific Ocean in Seaside, OR.  The relay draws competitors from all 50 states and countries around the world.  Teams of 8-12 complete 3 legs ranging in distances from 3.52 to 8.09 miles to complete the relay.  The event is supported by over 4,100 volunteers and corporate sponsors.  There is even a full feature documentary about the event!

For the past few years, StowAway Cargo Carriers has sponsored the Helen’s Angels team with hitch mounted cargo carriers for the Portland to Coast walk relay.  This partner event allows for a diversity of participants, from serious runners/walkers to casual teams out simply to enjoy the wild adventure!  So if you are out there this weekend, look for Helen’s Angels and ask them about a special discount for HTC relay runners/volunteers (and blog readers).

Golf with the StowAway

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Whether you’re a duffer or a Tiger, bulky golf clubs can clog up your car’s interior in no time. A StowAway Hitch Carrier solves this problem by adding handy, much-needed storage space to the back of almost any SUV.

The MAX Swingaway hitch carrier is the top-of-the-line golf club hitch carrier and a hole-in-one for golfers nationwide. Equipped with all the necessary amenities– a drain plug for cleaning, a secure locking mechanism, and a swinging frame to provide easy access to your vehicle’s trunk– the MAX hitch carrier is 51 inches wide, perfect for accommodating those extra-long drivers. With a total of 16 cubic feet of storage space, the MAX will fit your shoes, balls, tees, and towels; it will even fit a full-sized cooler or two, so you can turn your vehicle’s tailgate into the 19th hole in a matter of seconds.

It’s no wonder golfers liken the convenience of our Hitch Carriers to that of a caddy (except without the required tipping).

Dog Owners

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Whether it’s an AKC agility competition or a upland bird hunting outing, there comes a time when we want a little more room to carry our dog on those long trips.  Dog owners have used our products for many years, along with the other numerous application of the StowAway Cargo Carrier.  If you own a dog, you know how much room dog supplies can take up in your vehicle.  With a StowAway Cargo Carrier you can easily store all you dog supplies like food, toys, crates, water, and much, much more.

StowAway Dog

(WARNING! Do NOT travel with dogs inside StowAway!)

American-made StowAway Cargo Hitch Carriers have long been popular with dog owners across the country, as they safely and conveniently provide extra storage space for most SUV and minivan models. When it’s time to pack up for the dog show, hunting trip, or other canine trip, simply slide your StowAway hitch carrier into your vehicle’s hitch receiver, pack it to the brim, and let your beloved dog (and other passengers) enjoy a spacious back seat.

A StowAway Hitch Carrier ensures that your gear stays at ground-level, not hidden away on the roof somewhere. StowAway’s heavy-duty, high-impact polymer boxes and rugged steel frames keep your gear safe; a weather-tight seal makes sure everything stays dry. StowAway Swingaway frames even pivot 180 degrees to allow full access to the rear of your vehicle. The judges have spoken: when it comes to the hitch carrier breed, StowAway is clearly Best In Show.

Tailgating Gear

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About two weeks ago, sports fans across the country got some good news and reassurance about their NFL teams. Although the end of the Players lockout may not be as monumental our nation’s debt ceiling crisis, it does allow fans to start gearing up for football season.  As we all know, tailgating before a game is just as important as the final score. has provided this handy blog to help revamp your tailgating gear.

One of the most important things a serious tailgater needs is a proper grill to prepare all those party foods.  Now we can debate between gas and charcoal forever but let’s highlight the important features of and tailgating grill.

  • Size –  Your grill has to be small enough to fit on your vehicle but large enough to feed your party.  When your tailgating skill improve to the point where you’re ready to feed the masses, consider upgrading to a larger grill and transporting it on StowAway’s Swingaway Cargo Rack
  • Mobility – Many of the newer barbecue grills have wheels or folding legs/stands.  These are a necessity when setting up before the game.

StowAway TailgatingThe next big items are seating and tabling.  Folding chairs are great and fit perfectly into the StowAway Cargo Carrier.  Make sure your chairs match your team’s colors.  As for tables, a great option is the Wood Grill Platform for the StowAway Cargo Rack.  It gives you plenty of surface area to prepare your side dishes and set down your plates.

Finally, you’ll need a canopy or awning.  Whether it’s Pacific Northwest rain or blazing southern sun, protection from the elements is absolutely necessary.  Again, team colors are critical to make your tailgating site complete.

Whether you are the casual fan or the die-hard enthusiast, StowAway Cargo Carriers can provide the extra space you need for your tailgating gear.

4th of July Travel Tips

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We are all eager for the weekend to begin as the Fourth of July approaches.  With so many locales hosting celebrations for the Fourth, many of us will be traveling this Independence Day weekend. wants to give you some tips about preparing you vehicle before you hit the road this weekend with your hitch mounted cargo carrier.

  1. Check the tires.  Make sure tires are properly inflated as specified by the vehicle owner’s manual. This will give you better gas mileage as well as reducing the chances of a blowout.  Check the tread levels on you tires.  Inspect all four tires for deterioration beyond the wear bar.  Or place a penny on the tread, it should cover Lincoln’s head.
    check tires, travel preparation
  2. Check the spare tire.  The spare should be fully inflated.  Also check that you have a car jack and tire iron/wrench in your vehicle too.
  3. Check the coolant.  Many cars over heat during the summer because of improper coolant system maintenance.  Change out coolant with 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water if needed.
  4. Check the air filter.  A dirty air filter can rob fuel efficiency.  It should be replaced every 10-15k miles and takes less than 5 minutes.
  5. Bring a map.  It’s always helpful to have a current atlas, especially when you’re traveling to an unfamiliar area.


As you prepare your car, a StowAway cargo carrier will provide the extra space you need for your Independence Day plans.  If you don’t have one already, this is a great product that will make your storage for traveling much easier.

Also keep in mind there will be many other travelers on the road this weekend.  These guidelines will help you be prepared for any potential problems.  Be safe and enjoy your trip!