Fly! Wrigley Fly!

Wrigley and Meghan travel to competitions with their StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier

Wrigley jumped over 26 feet to land the longest jump of the Dock Dogs Regional Championships in August

The farthest dock-jumping Weimaraner in the history of the sport, Wrigley, owned and trained by Meghan Williams, didn’t seem to be a born leaper. He started late in life (4 years of age), never swam before, and had to wear a life jacket to dock-jumping class.

But don’t tell him that. Wrigley just leapt away with two titles at the Dock Dogs North Central Regional Championship in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, August 8-10, 2014.

“It’s not natural for Weimaraners to jump into water,” reports Williams. Given this, and the fact that there are only ten competing across the country, Willams calls Wrigley’s success “astonishing.” At 9½ years of age, for example, Wrigley was the most decorated veteran jumper at the regional championships, with invitations to compete in the World Championships. His average jump is 25 feet; his farthest is nearly 28.

To travel to competitions, Meghan, Wrigley, and their family of four pack themselves into a small Trailblazer. “We wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without our hitch cargo carrier,” says Williams. “We’ve got two children and Wrigley in the back of the car. Everything else goes in the StowAway. It’s incredible.”

‘Everything else’ includes suitcases, chairs, all of Wrigley’s gear – leashes, collars, toys, dog food, and water bucket, plus a 24-pack of water bottles for the family, and more. “It’s amazing how much stuff will fit in there,” says Williams. “Once we put in a double stroller, and they’re huge!”

Meghan and Wrigley after the toss

Meghan has perfected the timing of the toss that enables Wrigley to jump nearly 28 feet

The wife, mother of two, full-time employee, and Wrigley’s trainer/partner, Williams is a busy woman. Add to that, her skill at throwing Wrigley’s toy off the dock is 50% of the team effort that has brought them so much success.

Kudos to Wrigley and Meghan for these amazing results at the Dock Dogs Regional Championships, where they competed in Big Air Elite and Big Air Veteran Divisions:

  • 1st place in Elite Division, earning a World Championship Invitation
  • 1st place in Veteran Division, earning a World Championship Invitation
  • At 9-1/2 years old, Wrigley out jumped every single dog at the competition, with an incredible 26’1″ for the longest jump of the weekend – of all dogs, all ages
  • Re-titled himself into the Super Elite Division (25’+ average) by having countless jumps over 25′ during the weekend competition. (This has only happened a handful of times in the history of the sport)
  • 16th overall world ranking in Big Air (out of 600 dogs)
  • Ranked 2nd in the World for DockDogs Worldwide Veteran Dogs
Wrigley and Meghan travel to regional and national championships with the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier

Wrigley always travels with the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier

Where’s Wrigley Going Next?

Wrigley and Meghan’s next event will be September 6-7 in Springfield, Illinois at The Super Retriever Series. They will also be jumping in Carol Stream, Illinois at the Ultimate Air Dogs on September 14. Follow them on their Facebook page, and the StowAway Facebook.

 Congrats Wrigley and Meghan! All of us at StowAway Hitch Cargo Carriers are so proud of you.

Road Trips with Dogs

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Don’t Leave Home Without the Dog – or a Hitch Cargo Carrier

The StowAway Cargo Carrier swivels 180 degrees for easy in-and-outs when taking road trips with dogs.

Dogs travel in comfort & convenience with the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier.

I take road trips with my dog, Pippin, the Golden-On-the-Go, all the time. I don’t leave home without him. It seems as though more and more people are foregoing the kennel and taking their waggly best friends with them on road trips. Even some hotels are now specifically accommodating dogs, with pet-friendly rooms, treats upon arrival, and fenced play areas.

So, unless you want your dog to sit on your lap the whole time, which might be fun but isn’t necessarily safe, you’re going to need to do some rearranging for your road trips with dogs. To stow all your luggage, gear, food, and dog/s comfortably and safely, I heartily recommend the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier.

My Top 5 Favorite Things About the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier:

Having covered thousands of miles on road trips with my dog, I’ve become an expert packer. Here’s what I can fit in the StowAway Standard Hitch Cargo Carrier :

  1. Food: Pip’s food supply includes dry food, treats, bowls for food and water, and a cooler that houses his favorite “gooey” food.
  2. Towels: Pip is a water dog – just try to keep him out of it – so I always pack plenty of towels to keep him dry and happy after his romps in the water.
  3. Pip’s Bed: He goes; it goes. Which is to say, he doesn’t leave home without it.
  4. Room to Move: To make plenty of room for Pip, I can also stow two carry-on bags and two camp chairs, in addition to Pip’s gear – up to 200 pounds of stuff.
  5. Access: I don’t have to climb on the bumper to access this gear, because it’s located on the trailer hitch, behind the car, rather than on top of the car. Wshew!  And the box swings open 180 degrees, so Pip gets in and out of the car sweet and easy, the way he likes.

Note on storage: The Standard Cargo Carrier Box has a capacity of 12.5 cubic feet – which would hold 4 carry on suitcases and two camp chairs. The Max Cargo Carrier Box has 16 cubic feet of capacity and holds 4 carry on suitcases, two camp chairs and two duffel bags. More information from StowAway2.

Pippin, Kyla's Golden-On-The-Go

Pippin, Kyla’s Golden-On-The-Go

Some Other Tips for Road Trips with Dogs

  1.  Stop. Your dog will want to stretch its legs and take a little sniff-n-pee break every few hours. This is a great chance for you to do the same, getting some fresh air and working out the kinks of the road.
  2. Water. Your dog runs hotter than you do, most likely. Make sure you’ve got a water bowl in the car and a good supply of fresh clean water.
  3. Carrier. Some people advise putting your dog in a carrier for the trip, especially if you have a little dog who is likely to get bounced around, run from side to side of the vehicle, and/or get underfoot. If you have a yapper, sometimes a carrier will calm them down … if you’re lucky.
  4. Ventilate. If you’re stopping for breakfast, lunch or dinner along the way, please promise me you will leave at least two windows partially open for fresh airflow. Even in the snow and rain. It’s so important.
  5. Identification. Pippin is chipped. Which means he’s got a little tracker under his skin, installed by his veterinarian. That means if – God forbid – he gets lost, wanders off, or is otherwise misplaced, any good person who finds him can reach me by having his chip scanned. Also, when we’re traveling, I never, ever, ever take off his collar, which has his name, address and my cell phone number on it.

“Safe and Happy” is our motto. A road trip is a road trip, but a road trip with dogs – is a great, tail wagging adventure.

StowAway Cargo Box Cruises the Midwest with Wrigley

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The latest news from Wrigley, our super dock-jumping dog champion, is all good! Wrigley’s owner, Meghan Williams, reports that Wrigley was a contender at the Super Retriever Series in Springfield, Ill., last

Wrigley, our champion dock-jumper, is on the road with his StowAway in the Midwest this fall. We’re so proud.




“It was a fantastic event with lots of great crowds watching all weekend. Wrigley took 2nd place in the Pro finals with a 23’10” jump and only missed first place by a few inches!” she says.

He earned an invitation to the Crown Championship.

“We also got to try out a new discipline for SRS called ‘Super Swim’,” Williams says. “It’s a timed full retrieve swim. We practiced a lot and had a lot of dock time with his vest on.”

Wrigley’s next registered event is the DockDogs World Championships in Dubuque, Iowa, November 15-17, where he will be competing in the Veteran Big Air category. This is a huge deal because it attracts large crowds and world-class jumpers. Just take a look at the DockDogs website photo gallery.

And, there’s plenty of fun videos of dock-jumping dogs on the DockDogs YouTube Channel.

Of course, everyone at StowAway is proud of our pup! Go, Wrigley, go!

Help StowAway And Wrigley Fight Canine Cancer!

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‘Tis the season of giving so we have teamed up with Wrigley the Flyin’ Weimaraner, our StowAway sponsored Dock Diving champion, to help fund K9 Cancer studies!

Have fun and make a guess on how many total feet Wrigley has jumped during his Big Air competitions this past year (*hint- it’s the total distance of 34 jumps!).

The person with the closest guess will have a $100 donation made in their name (or in a name of their choosing) to Chase Away K9 Cancer. The $100 donation will be made jointly by Wrigley and StowAway.

Chase Away K9 Cancer supports cancer research, education and prevention in dogs. All money raised (yes, 100%!) by Chase Away K9 Cancer goes toward this mission.

The winner will be selected on Thursday, December 20, so get your votes in now. Just go to our Facebook page and post your vote there. You can either comment on our post announcing the contest or simply create a new post.

We’ll pick the winner on Thurs, Dec 20th. Please share this post, have fun & thanks for helping us give back!

Post your guess on our Facebook page now!

Thank you!


Where Is The StowAway Cargo Carrier Now? At A Championship Dog Competition!

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Yep, that’s right…the StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier is on its way to Dubuque, Iowa for the 2012 Dock Dog World Championships. is a proud sponsor of Wrigley, the Flyin’ Weimeraner, a dock dog champion. Wrigley will be competing at this year’s world championships from November 15th to 18th. We are excited to follow his progress and hope you will join us in that.


Dock dog competitions feature four different categories of events:

1. Big Air
This is essentially long jump for dogs – over water. Dogs get a running start and jump into the water, following a throw toy. They are scored on the distance they jump from the dock’s edge to the location where their tail breaks the water’s surface.

2. Extreme Vertical
This category is the corollary to high jump for dogs – again over water. Dogs begin at the 20′ mark on the dock and then jump toward a toy that is held 8′ from the dock end over water. Their score is based upon how high they jump toward the toy.

3. Speed Retrieve
This timed event features a bumper toy at the far end of the pool, 2 inches above the water’s surface. Dogs start at the 20′ mark on the dock to retrieve the toy – the fastest dog wins!

4. Iron Dog
The Ironman of the dock dog world…each dog’s best score in the above individual events are combined for an overall Iron Dog winner.


Our best wishes are with Wrigley for a safe trip and successful event – maybe some new medals will be included in the StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier on their drive home!

For information on Wrigley’s progress and results, you can check back here at our blog, our Facebook page or Wrigley’s Facebook page.

Go Wrigley!






StowAway Cargo Carriers Sponsor Wrigley, the Flyin’ Weimaraner!

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Like many StowAway cargo carrier owners, Meghan Williams has a dog that routinely travels with the family. However, for Meghan, her dog is often the reason for their family travels…meet Wrigley, also known as the Flyin’ Weimaraner.

Wrigley is a Dock Dog champion, having earned multiple titles in various competitions such as Big Air, Extreme Vertical and Speed Retrieve. Dock Dogs is the world’s premiere canine aquatics competition and holds events around the globe.

When Wrigley started competing, Meghan and her husband knew they would need a travel carrier as they would be on the road a lot. We asked Meghan to tell us about her family’s experience with their StowAway MAX cargo carrier:

“We searched the internet for a couple months when we came across the website.

We had never used any type of rack previously. After looking at the big names like Thule and Yakima, we decided they did not offer what we were looking for and we didn’t want anything that would be roof mounted. We wanted something easily accessible and safe to use. We also realized that a roof rack unit would create more “drag” on our vehicle and reduce our gas mileage.

So we focused our buying on hitch-mounted units. We own a 2007 Chevy Trailblazer and knew it could support something on the larger side. We needed something that could store a full size stroller and quickly realized that narrowed our choices even further.

We chose the StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier for several reasons. We wanted a unit that swung out instead of tilted down so our dog could easily and safely exit the rear of the vehicle. It was the largest carrier we could find that would hold our stroller and other essential items. We really liked the fact that it was water tight and built with very high quality materials. We really like the taillights so that other drivers could see the carrier on the back of our vehicle. We also loved the wheels! None of the other models we looked at had wheels and we use them to easily move and store the carrier when not in use.

We have owned our StowAway for about 3 years and have taken it all over the country, traveling around 20,000 miles. The longest trip that we have taken with the StowAway is a 5,500 mile round trip from Chicago to Portland Oregon for the 2010 Dock Dogs World Championships.

We have a passion for dock jumping, with our dog Wrigley. He runs off of a 40’ dock into a 50’ pool for distance, height and speed. He is currently ranked 9th in the world, with a personal best distance jump of 27’ 11”. He also competes in a vertical jumping competition, which he has a personal best of 7’ 4”. We usually compete in about two shows a month from March to November. With all of these events, we have gotten really good at taking the StowAway Max on and off the Trailblazer – we can have it installed, packed up and ready to go in about 30 minutes!

We often say that the StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier was the single best accessory we have ever purchased for any vehicle we’ve ever owned. When we travel to the dog jumping competitions, people always asks us where they can purchase one. We gladly show them how it works and give them information on where one can be purchased. We are truly astonished at how much we have been able to put into the unit when we travel. Our daughter has since graduated from her full size stroller to an umbrella stroller so now we can also fit 3 bag chairs, either a small pop up tent or a tent-like canopy, 2 backpacks full of dog handling items and probably 2 or 3 other backpacks of items.”

We at StowAway are thrilled to know that our MAX Cargo Carrier has been able to help Meghan, Wrigley and their family on so many trips. And, StowAway is extremely proud to sponsor Wrigley and invite you to follow his events on his Facebook page. Go Wrigley!

StowAway Owner of the Month: Mary Lou Hanlon

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Mary Lou Hanlon Agility Dog CompetitionMary Lou Hanlon has been in the sport of dogs for nearly 20 years.  She is well known in the agility dog community for her innovative dog training products as well as her own well decorated canines who have competed around the world and secured various titles and recognitions.

Mary Lou uses a philosophical approach to dog training to ensure that dogs attitude and the relationship between the handler and the dog is the highest priority. A creative thinker, Mary Lou is always looking for a better solution to everyday problems that trainers face. She has developed training products like the “Touch It!” and “Hit It!” Board to provide trainers with a simpler, more reliable way to teach running contacts. When Mary Lou discovered the StowAway Cargo Carrier, she knew she had found a better solution for transporting her luggage and dogs gear to agility competitions.

I absolutely love my StowAway!  It packs tons of stuff I need when heading off for weekend agility competitions with my dogs.  I used to have a traditional roof carrier and hated having to climb up to get my gear.  Having my supplies at waist level makes traveling with my dogs so much more convenient.  The swing away design makes it a breeze to get my dogs in and out of the back of my truck!

See what else Mary Lou has to say in her exclusive StowAway Cargo Carriers video:

Personal Biography: Mary Lou’s philosophical approach to dog training is to keep the handlers relationship with the dog and the dogs attitude the highest priority. Incorporating games, treats and toys as integral tools in training, she believes in breaking down each behavior to its smallest component ensuring that both dog and handler clearly understand what tod o. This approach makes sure that the dog is set up for success – confident enough in all areas of performance so as to maximize speed and accuracy. Her teaching style instills confidence in the handler allowing them to feel that they can be the best partner possible for their dog.


Hound for Glory!

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Mary Lou and Shazan on agility course photo

Mary Lou and Shazam tearin’ it up!

Rust… what rust?

After a several week layoff to due to her broken rib, agility dog trainer and competitor Mary Lou Hanlon and her three dogs made quite an impressive comeback at their return to competition.

At the three day event held Feb. 24-26 in Edinboro, PA., Mary Lou’s trio of Border Collies hauled in the hardware. Eleven year old Snap had two first place finishes and one second place finish. Seven year old Wizard scored one first place finish, along with two seconds. And three year old Shazam, recovering from an injury of his own (wrist) went to town with two first place and three, count ’em, three, second place finishes!

“My dog Shazam truly rose to the occasion,” Mary Lou said. “He not only won two first places and three seconds, but he also earned some points towards his world team tryout qualification.” WORLD team? Wow!

In dog agility competitions, trainers run with their dogs, guiding them through an obstacle course that requires the dogs to run, jump, climb, weave and hurdle through the course, trying to finish with the fastest time and the least penalties. Regional and national competitions draw hundreds of competitors from all over the country.

Mary Lou and her dogs with StowAway MAX Hitch Cargo Carrier

And there’s plenty of room for all those ribbons!

That’s a lot of traveling. And how does Mary Lou handle hauling three dogs, their crates, bedding, bowls, food, treats, toys, grooming and beauty supplies, not to mention her own stuff? Why, with her trusty, dependable StowAway MAX Hitch Cargo Carrier, natch! Mary Lou, as well as many of her fellow competitors and other dog owners, have found the MAX’s 16 cubic feet of storage space, 200 pounds of carrying capacity and easy ground level access a great way to alleviate crowding inside their vehicles. In fact, Mary Lou digs her StowAway so much, she allowed us to sponsor her! How cool is that?

So, Mary Lou, what’s next on the agility agenda?

“Our next show will be back in Edinboro, March 9-11,” Mary Lou said. ” Wish us luck!”


Agility Dog Competitions

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agility dog courseRecently, StowAway Cargo Carriers got the opportunity sponsor a competitive agility dog trainer, Mary Lou.  She has been competing and training dogs for many years and thought our product would be great for traveling to competitions.  Every year, we find so many interesting and new uses for our StowAway Cargo carriers.  If you didn’t know, agility dog trainers compete by racing their dog in an obstacle course and try to finish with the quickest time and least penalties.  Obstacles require the dogs to run, jump, hurdle, weave, and climb through the course.  Trainers will run with their dog and guide them through each obstacle.  Competitions often range from 3-4 days and regional events can draw hundreds of competitors from many miles away.

stowaway for dogsWhen competitors travel for regional events, they need pack food, toys, water, treats, leashes, bowls, and other dog supplies.  And this is on top of all their own personal luggage and supplies.  Often the vehicle is packed and leaves very little room for passengers or dogs.  This is where the StowAway Cargo Carrier has come in handy for dog owners and trainers.  The StowAway MAX can carry 16 cu ft and 2oolbs of your dog’s supplies and is conveniently located behind your vehicle.  So whether you are national competitor or a novice trainer, the StowAway cargo carrier is perfect for getting you to and from your agility competitions.

Dog Owners

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Whether it’s an AKC agility competition or a upland bird hunting outing, there comes a time when we want a little more room to carry our dog on those long trips.  Dog owners have used our products for many years, along with the other numerous application of the StowAway Cargo Carrier.  If you own a dog, you know how much room dog supplies can take up in your vehicle.  With a StowAway Cargo Carrier you can easily store all you dog supplies like food, toys, crates, water, and much, much more.

StowAway Dog

(WARNING! Do NOT travel with dogs inside StowAway!)

American-made StowAway Cargo Hitch Carriers have long been popular with dog owners across the country, as they safely and conveniently provide extra storage space for most SUV and minivan models. When it’s time to pack up for the dog show, hunting trip, or other canine trip, simply slide your StowAway hitch carrier into your vehicle’s hitch receiver, pack it to the brim, and let your beloved dog (and other passengers) enjoy a spacious back seat.

A StowAway Hitch Carrier ensures that your gear stays at ground-level, not hidden away on the roof somewhere. StowAway’s heavy-duty, high-impact polymer boxes and rugged steel frames keep your gear safe; a weather-tight seal makes sure everything stays dry. StowAway Swingaway frames even pivot 180 degrees to allow full access to the rear of your vehicle. The judges have spoken: when it comes to the hitch carrier breed, StowAway is clearly Best In Show.