Advantages of StowAway Tailgate Grill Station Vs. Stationary Grill

September 13th, 2013 | Posted by Pacrec in Tailgating Grill - (Comments Off on Advantages of StowAway Tailgate Grill Station Vs. Stationary Grill)

Super-charged tailgate parties have become the biggest trend in college football. From tailgating websites to magazines to spicy wing recipes, tailgating is hot, hot, HOT. We’re into our second full season of tailgating mania at by offering the StowAway Tailgate Grill Station to fans who want an even better experience at their tailgate parties. We designed our Tailgate Grill Station with convenience and accessibility in mind. Here’s why the grill station on our swing out frame is head and shoulders above the stationary grill you might be hauling with you in the back of your vehicle.

No Mess, No Odor

Tailgate Party at Oregon

A good tailgate party is about great food, good times and grilling!

The grill stays out of the car for transport. Our grill attaches directly onto our durable steel rack and doesn’t need to come inside your vehicle, RV or SUV at ANY time. Screwed in place directly onto the rack, the Cuisinart gas grill on the StowAway Tailgate Station stays put. Leave the odor and the grime where it should be — outside.

No Setup Required

Once you park at your tailgate party destination, there’s no setup required for the StowAway grill station. It’s already in place at the back of your vehicle and ready to use.

Easy Access to Supplies

All the food in coolers and bins for your party goers is a few steps away from the grill station once you pivot out our patented SwingAway frame. The movable frame allows you to swing the grill 90 degrees or 180 degrees from the back of your vehicle. It’s a mobile kitchen. Use your gas grill to cook while the back of your SUV is the fridge and pantry.

Station Turns into Buffet

Our Tailgate Grill Station comes with an acrylic cutting board which doubles as a serving area. With a generous countertop space of slightly more than two feet by one-and-a-half feet, you can prep food then serve it. The rack is the right height for everyone to grab a wing, burger or dog and chomp down. Plus, the grill can be detached and another board can be added for double the serving space.

StowAway Tailgate Grill Station

The Cuisinart gas grill has plenty of room to cook up a mess of barbecue favorites on game day.

Use Our Grill or Yours

Got a fancy tabletop grill you love? Then our tailgate station can be purchased without the Cuisinart. Use your own grill on the rack.

Customizable Grilling Accessories

Need a grill cover? An extra cutting board? A hose adapter to hook a bigger gas tank to the grill? We’ve got all the accessories you might need to optimize your party and do it in style.

Everybody wins with the StowAway2 — fans, hosts and the cleanup crew! Have a great time this year throwing your party.