Choosing the Right StowAway Frame

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The StowAway hitch cargo carrier is a great storage solution for a all different types of applications.  The versatility, quality and size are unmatched in the cargo carrying market.  But now that you’ve decided to purchase one, you need to decide which frame will work best for your vehicle.  StowAway offers three different frames for your hitch cargo carrier: swingaway, standard fixed and basic fixed.  All three offer their own advantages.

All our frames are made from heavy duty, thick walled steel tubing with a black powder coating.  They fit both 2″(class III or class IV) and 1.25′” (II) hitches and come with a five year warranty.  Here are the specifics of our three frames to help you achieve the right connection your new hitch cargo carrier

SwingawayStowAway Swingaway Frame

The swingaway frame is our most versatile frame.  Boasting a 5″ inch lift and a swinging feature that rotates up to 180 degrees, it enables you full use of your vehicle even with your StowAway hitch cargo carrier installed.  It comes in weighing 48 lbs. and supports up to 250 lbs. (2″) or 160 lbs (1.25″).  This is perfect for the driver who still wants to use their trunk while their StowAway hitch cargo carrier is in use.

Standard Fixed

StowAway Standard Fixed Frame

The standard fixed frame is similar to the basic fixed frame, but rises 7″ for improved ground clearance.  It’s designed for cars that don’t have as much ground clearance as a truck or larger SUV and need an added lift in order to safely attach a hitch cargo carrier to their vehicle.  It comes in weighing around 18lbs. and supports up to 250 lbs. (2″) or 150 lbs. (1.25″).  It’s perfect for a someone who doesn’t need a swingaway feature but still wants the additional lift to avoid it dragging.


Basic Fixed

StowAway Basic Fixed Frame

The basic fixed frame is a low profile frame that extends strait out from the hitch.  It’s mainly designed for vehicles that already have a good amount of ground clearance and don’t need the added benefit of the extra lift.  It comes in weighing 18 lbs. and supports up to 200 lbs. (2″ hitch) or 125 lbs (1.25″ hitch) of cargo.   The basic fixed frame is the most affordable way to attach a hitch cargo carrier to your vehicle.


So make sure to use the right frame for whichever vehicle you are going to attach your new hitch cargo carrier to.  Make sure to check out for all of your cargo carrying needs.

Happy Travels!

Give the Dad Who Has Everything the Ability to Bring it All with Him

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If there’s one thing that remains the same in this world it’s that Dads love their “stuff”. Fishing gear, bicycles, tailgating equipment, tools… the list goes on and on.  Who can blame them?  They like doing things their own way and want to use their own equipment to do it.  Naturally, they love bringing this gear with them when they go anywhere from their buddies house to the beach, so this Father’s Day why not give him something he can use to carry all the gear he already loves?  A hitch cargo carrier from StowAway is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the Dad who has everything since he can put what he loves most in it: his “stuff”.

Tailgating with the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier

Support your team and bring everything you need withe the StowAway hitch cargo carrier

With sixteen cubic feet of space inside of StowAway’s MAX hitch cargo carrier, Dad will have enough room to bring along everything he needs.  Whether it’s tools to help his friend build a deck, tailgating gear for the big game or equipment for the kid’s baseball practices, he’ll never have to worry about not having his own gear again.  The only thing Dads may love more than their stuff is their team, which makes a MAX hitch cargo carrier with tailgate package so appealing.  With six different reflector colors to choose from, a spot for a bumper sticker of his favorite team and a fitted interior cutting board for his famous tailgating feast, he’ll be the life of the pregame festivities.

If fishing or bicycling is more his jive StowAway has a hitch cargo carrier specialized just for him.  With both a surf fishing rod and bicycle hitch cargo carriers they won’t have to worry about how to squeeze their prized goods in the car or struggle to put them on a roof rack.  With the additional space that the storage rack provides (standard with surf rod carrier, optional with bike carrier) Dad can fit not just his favorite piece of equipment, but the rest of the stuff he may need wherever he’s going.

So this Father’s Day instead of getting the Dad who has everything something that he won’t use, get him a hitch cargo carrier from StowAway so he can put the everything he has into it.  No matter what your Dad loves to do there is a StowAway hitch cargo carrier to meet his needs.

Happy Father’s Day!

Camper Vans and Space: How the StowAway Can Help

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It’s hard not the love the versatility of a camper van.  The size, fuel efficiency, maneuverability, and price are attractive to travelers who are looking to own a motor home but don’t want the size and commitment that larger RV’s bring.  But while they do have a lot of positive attributes, camper vans can be lacking in one major way: Space.  Because of the excellent use of space inside the camper for appliances and furniture that make your camper feel like home, space for personal belongings can be lacking.  One way to get some extra square footage for your camper van is to get a hitch cargo carrier.

Hitch Cargo Carrier on a Class B Motor Home

A StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier with optional swingaway feature

Able to carry up to 200 lbs. of whatever you need, the StowAway hitch cargo carrier can give you that extra bit of space that every traveler needs.  Whether it’s the extra blanket you wish you had on that especially cold night, some extra camp chairs for friends you meet on the road, or just a place to relocate some items that currently seem to be getting in your way inside, a hitch cargo carrier can help make your life on the road a little bit more civilized and relaxing.

While there are a couple other options to meet your storage needs, hitch cargo carriers provide a better solution than those other options.  Firstly, there is no need for a roof base rack in order to install it since unlike most cargo options, it’s not on the roof.  All that is needed is a hitch and your hitch cargo carrier is ready to go.  Secondly, because it doesn’t attach to the roof, you don’t need to reach up to it to access your extra cargo. On a larger vehicle like a camper van this is a lot more practical since you might want to access it every day and don’t want to be constantly climbing up onto the roof.  Last and certainly not least is the better fuel efficiency.  Since it is behind the camper it will not affect the aerodynamics and your fuel efficiency will remain the same, unlike a clunky rooftop cargo carrier that will add wind resistance.

So if you find yourself wanting items that you can’t fit, just want more space in your camper van, or want a more convenient and practical option than your current roof cargo solutions, check out the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier.

Happy Travels!



StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier | Spare Tire/Ladder Clearance

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Hitch Cargo Carrier ClearanceHere at StowAway Cargo Carriers, we often get questions from customers about a proper fit for their particular vehicle.  While our hitch mounted cargo carriers fit almost any vehicle with a hitch receiver, certain vehicles like RVs, conversion vans, and Jeep Wranglers may have an attachment behind their hitch.  Whether it’s a spare tire, bumper, or ladder mounted behind a vehicle, any attachment that extends beyond the hitch may require a longer frame to clear the extra distance.  Fortunately, our cargo carriers are custom built to accommodate various vehicle specifications.  We’ll simply need a measurement from the hitch pin hole to the rear edge of the attachment.

Hockey Equipment Storage | Another Use for the StowAway

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hockey equipment storageIf you have ever played hockey or have kids that play hockey, you know how dirty and smell a hockey equipment can get after just one practice.  Storing hockey equipment and keeping hockey gear clean can be a difficult task.  After three periods, pads, jerseys, gloves, skates, and other hockey equipment will be soaking wet from the ice and sweat.  The solution is often washing all the equipment and thoroughly drying it out.  However, you can wash anything until you get home.  Even with a victory, this leaves you with an unbearable ride home.

StowAway hockey equipment storageTo make the drive from the hockey rink more bearable, the StowAway Cargo Carrier is the perfect solution.  The cargo carrier easily attaches to the trailer hitch receiver of a vehicle and stores up to 16 cubic feet of hockey equipment (as well as other gear).  The 200 lbs. capacity will easily hold all your pads and hockey equipment.  The cargo carrier allows for convenient storage of your dirty hockey gear outside of the vehicle.  Unlike a rooftop box, all your equipment will be available at ground level so don’t have to lift everything above your head.  The StowAway cargo carrier will keep everything dry (from the rain at least) and will be secure with a locking latch.

The StowAway Cargo Carrier is great for hockey equipment storage but it can be used for almost anything.  Team sports, vacation travel, hunting, fishing, or tailgating, these carriers can be used anytime more storage is required in your vehicle.  Find out more about StowAway Cargo Carriers and using them for hockey equipment storage at

StowAway Bike Rack and Gear Rack

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Bike RackIf you are looking for a way to transport your bikes and haul a little extra gear, the StowAway Bike Rack and Gear Rack offers the perfect solution.  The StowAway Bike Rack and Gear Rack offers many of the same features as other hitch mounted bike racks on the market.  This product combines the versatility of a cargo gear rack along with the utility of a standard bike rack. StowAway’s products reaches beyond cargo boxes and provides solutions for all your cargo needs.

The bike rack include soft rubber cradles to protect and securely hold up to 4 bikes.  The bike rack can be remove to give more storage room for the gear rack below.  It also comes with a security cable lock and locking hitch pin.  The bike rack is available in two sizes to fit 1.25″ and 2″ hitch receivers.  It also comes with StowAway’s receiver hitch tightener, a useful device that eliminate annoying hitch wobble.

Gear RackPerhaps the most unique feature is the cargo gear rack attached below the bike rack.  This is a useful addition allows you to carry extra gear like helmets, tool kits, or any other accessories you might need.  The large and sturdy rack measures 53″ x 25″ x 5″ and provides ample room your gear.  The gear rack is constructed out of thick powder coated steel tubing and is backed by a 5 year warranty.

The combination of a Bike Rack and Gear Rack fits on the fixed or SwingAway frame.  The SwingAway frame open 180 degrees and allows you to access the rear door of your vehicle (One or more bikes may need to be removed to open the liftgate on some vehicles).   Finally, StowAway products are built for versatility.  If you already own a cargo box and frame,  the Bike Rack and Gear Rack will attach directly to the frame you have.  You can purchase the StowAway Bike Rack and Gear Rack combination at

Receiver Hitch Tightener

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Receiver Hitch TightenerOne of the most common topics we get asked about at StowAway Cargo carriers is how to install and use the receiver hitch tightener.  Most of our hitch mounted cargo carriers come standard with a receiver hitch tightener.  This is a simple, yet essential device that can be use on almost any hitch mounted carrier.  The StowAway Receiver Hitch Tightener is used to keep any hitch mounted cargo rack from wobbling or shaking while driving down the road.  Because vehicle hitch manufacturers and hitch rack manufacturers use slightly different tolerances, this means no two parts will fit perfectly and will create some amount of hitch wobble.  This tightener easily attaches to 1.25″ or 2″ hitch receivers and effectively eliminates wobble in bike racks or cargo carriers. (more…)

MAX Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

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MAX hitch mounted carog carrierThe MAX hitch mounted Cargo Carrier by StowAway is the perfect solution when you need more room in your vehicle.  The MAX cargo carrier is the largest box produced by StowAway and holds up to 200lbs and 16 cubit feet of cargo.  This carrier allows you to mount a large box onto your vehicle’s rear hitch receiver.  The cargo carrier can be mounted on a regular fixed frame or the patented swingaway frame that provides access to your vehicle’s rear doors.  The frames themselves are made our of professionally welded, heavy-duty steel tubing and protected by a thick powder coat.  The box is constructed out of a highly durable polymer, the same material used in some high performance whitewater kayaks.  The MAX model comes standard with full functioning tail lights and other accessories, like the StowAway hitch tightener that reduces hitch wobble.

If you are considering a roof mounted base rack, keep in mind you will have to load your cargo overhead, whereas a hitch mounted carrier can be loaded at ground level.  Also consider the cost of additional accessories that roof racks require for different types of cargo.  A hitch mounted rack is much simpler and quicker install than a rooftop rack.  With the MAX cargo carrier, you won’t have to mess around with crossbars, fit hooks, stays, pads, end caps, or locks (you’ll have at least four locks for just the crossbars).  Remember that most roof racks are custom fit to each model of vehicle.  With the StowAway MAX, you will be able to switch to nearly any vehicle with a 2″ hitch receiver.

You can learn more about and purchase the MAX hitch mounted cargo carrier at

StowAway Accessories

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Stowaway Accessories

For everyone out there using our cargo carriers and racks, we want to spotlight some of the many great accessories we offer.  Whether you have a MAX cargo carrier or a fixed frame bike rack, we have the StowAway accessory for you.

LED Cargo Carrier Tail Lights

These LED lights are brighter and last longer than our standard incandescent lights.  They are easy to install and fit perfectly on your current cargo carrier.  These lights give and impressive look to your already stunning StowAway.

Cargo Carrier Locking Hitch Pin

Provide your cargo carrier with extra security using this locking hitch pin.  This locking hitch pin easily slide into your vehicle’s hitch pin hole and fits both 1.25” and 2” hitches.

Cargo Rack Wood Grill Platform

Fits perfectly on your cargo rack and gives you a nice flat surface for preparing and serving food and drinks.  This unique platform is great for camping, barbeques, and tailgating!

Tailgating Accessories

Support your favorite team by customizing your MAX Caro Carrier with colored reflectors.  The tailgate package also comes with a large cutting board that fits inside your cargo carrier and is just right for the pre-game tailgate.  The colored reflectors are offered in blue, green, yellow, silver, red, and orange (Go Beavs!).

No matter what StowAway rack you have, we have the right accessory for you!

Bear Proof?

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Our StowAway cargo carriers offer three major benefits; Accessibility, Versatility, and Durability.  We are going to focus on the durability of our products this week, specifically the materials used to construct our cargo boxes.  So break out those chemistry books as we take a look at what makes linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) so durable for our hitch cargo racks.

Durable cargo carrierSo what exactly is LLDPE?  Simply, it’s a plastic.  It is a linear polymer that has been copolymerized with olefins.  This provides the material with some desirable traits that LDPE and other plastics lack.  For the StowAway cargo carrier application, LLDPE is used as a lightweight material with high tensile strength and greatly improved impact resistance.  In fact, our products are even bear proof!




ABS crackedOur competitors that use ABS plastic typically don’t fair as well under high stress impacts.  ABS material is more rigid and is prone to cracks.  Looks like the bear got through this one!

Consider Stowaway cargo carriers for the accessibility, versatility and especially durability we provide over the competition.