How Can You Use Your StowAway SwingAway Frame?

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How Can You Use Your StowAway SwingAway Frame?

The StowAway SwingAway Frame can be used for a multitude of ingenious purposes

The StowAway SwingAway Frame can be used for a multitude of ingenious applications

With its 180-degree swivel capacity, the StowAway Frame makes the hitch cargo carrier the best, easy-access method to haul your extra gear and supplies. But its ingenuity doesn’t stop there – especially when you add some of your own great ideas. What can you do with 180 degrees of moveable space on a heavy-duty, welded steel frame on the back of your car/jeep /truck? Here are some great ideas to get you started thinking out of the box and onto the frame. And when you come up with your own … send photos!

The easiest, ready-made use of the StowAway SwingAway Frame is to turn it into a tailgating grill station. Add your own grill or take advantage of the StowAway Hitch Grill Station, which comes with a Cuisinart gas grill, acrylic cutting board and two folding side shelves. Read more about the Grill Station Plus in this “Ramp Up Your Game” blog.

Also with the StowAway SwingAway Frame, you can tow a wide variety of useful things – in various sizes and shapes – up to 200 pounds:

The StowAway SwingAway Frame isn't just for pulling and hauling

The StowAway SwingAway Frame isn’t just for pulling and hauling

• Tow a portable generator to your cabin or campsite in the woods to power everything from bug zappers to coffee pots.

• Haul your motorcycle or dirt bike far away from civilization for some fun on the back roads.

• Take your Vespa on a road trip so that when you get where you’re going, you can cruise around town quickly and easily, with less gas and fewer parking hassles.

• Carry your bikes on the StowAway Hitch Mounted Bike Carrier, which holds and protects up to four bikes – wherever you want to take them – with soft rubber cradles and straps.

• Some avid Jimmy Buffett fans we know actually used their StowAway SwingAway Frame as the foundation for a Tiki bar in the parking lot. And what if – heaven forbid – you need to get more ice and limes? The whole affair swings out 180 degrees to give you easy access to the rear door/s of your vehicle.

• We also know someone who mounted a Rubbermaid tub on the back of his Tesla roadster, to give himself some extra cargo space with his space-age electric car.

This space-age electric car gets a space upgrade

This space-age electric car gets a space upgrade

The strength, versatility and convenience of the StowAway SwingAway Frame invites new and innovative ideas for towing, transporting and celebrating. Because it is so strong and well made, you can let your imagination soar, knowing the frame will always be there to support you.

Monthly Maintenance Tip: Maintaining Your StowAway Frame

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This month’s tip is about preventing rust and corrosion on your StowAway frame.  The StowAway frame is manufactured from heavy gauge steel and coated with a black powdercoat finish. The frame hardware is either stainless steel or zinc chrome plated.  Both frame and hardware will naturally resist rust and corrosion in most conditions, except when exposed to salt.  Road salt is particularly corrosive and can eat through a powdercoat or plated finish if left on the surface for any period of time.  To prevent this, it is imperative that you rinse your StowAway frame thoroughly after using it on salted roads, and pat it dry with a towel.  Apply a coating of light oil to all hardware and moving parts and store the carrier for your next use.

We’ve seen StowAway frames that look great after 10 years of use, and others that show rust and corrosion after only one year on salted roads.  The difference is how the frames are cared for after driving on salted roads.

Do you have any good tips that you’d like other StowAway owners to take advantage of?  Email us at to give us your tip and possibly see your tip featured as our tip of the month.

Happy Travels!

Choosing the Right StowAway Frame

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The StowAway hitch cargo carrier is a great storage solution for a all different types of applications.  The versatility, quality and size are unmatched in the cargo carrying market.  But now that you’ve decided to purchase one, you need to decide which frame will work best for your vehicle.  StowAway offers three different frames for your hitch cargo carrier: swingaway, standard fixed and basic fixed.  All three offer their own advantages.

All our frames are made from heavy duty, thick walled steel tubing with a black powder coating.  They fit both 2″(class III or class IV) and 1.25′” (II) hitches and come with a five year warranty.  Here are the specifics of our three frames to help you achieve the right connection your new hitch cargo carrier

SwingawayStowAway Swingaway Frame

The swingaway frame is our most versatile frame.  Boasting a 5″ inch lift and a swinging feature that rotates up to 180 degrees, it enables you full use of your vehicle even with your StowAway hitch cargo carrier installed.  It comes in weighing 48 lbs. and supports up to 250 lbs. (2″) or 160 lbs (1.25″).  This is perfect for the driver who still wants to use their trunk while their StowAway hitch cargo carrier is in use.

Standard Fixed

StowAway Standard Fixed Frame

The standard fixed frame is similar to the basic fixed frame, but rises 7″ for improved ground clearance.  It’s designed for cars that don’t have as much ground clearance as a truck or larger SUV and need an added lift in order to safely attach a hitch cargo carrier to their vehicle.  It comes in weighing around 18lbs. and supports up to 250 lbs. (2″) or 150 lbs. (1.25″).  It’s perfect for a someone who doesn’t need a swingaway feature but still wants the additional lift to avoid it dragging.


Basic Fixed

StowAway Basic Fixed Frame

The basic fixed frame is a low profile frame that extends strait out from the hitch.  It’s mainly designed for vehicles that already have a good amount of ground clearance and don’t need the added benefit of the extra lift.  It comes in weighing 18 lbs. and supports up to 200 lbs. (2″ hitch) or 125 lbs (1.25″ hitch) of cargo.   The basic fixed frame is the most affordable way to attach a hitch cargo carrier to your vehicle.


So make sure to use the right frame for whichever vehicle you are going to attach your new hitch cargo carrier to.  Make sure to check out for all of your cargo carrying needs.

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