Tesla, Tested: StowAway and Tesla Model X a Perfect Pairing

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The Tesla Model X is billed as the “safest, fastest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history.” Now, no one is disputing that, but… What if we told you that it can be even more capable — by maximizing the cargo space that it offers? (more…)

The Case for Extra Space: Cargo Options for the Ford Transit Connect

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The Ford Transit Connect is a great vehicle for business owners in need of a reliable and economical delivery vehicle. It offers ample room and is easily accessible from the side or from the back. But what happens if you need more cargo room than the Transit Connect allows? Or, what if you are transporting items that you don’t want inside the vehicle because of smells or contamination? (more…)

Pleasure-Way & StowAway: The Perfect Team

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Pleasure-Way and the StowAway Hitch Carrier make a great road team

Pleasure-Way and the StowAway Hitch Carrier make a great  team on the road, with a place for everything you can’t – or won’t – leave home

“A place for everything and everything in it place.” This is my RVing motto, where space is limited and organization is the order of the day. And … I don’t want to leave anything behind that is vital to my recreational pursuits, such as camp chairs, helmets, gear, extra towels and blankets, a wide variety of shoes, and a suitcase of hair care products.

Many lovers of the RV lifestyle are downsizing, as smaller, more economical vehicles offer many of the same amenities as their gargantuan counterparts, but in a more compact space. The crux of this arrangement always boils down to one big question, however: What to take and what to leave behind? With less storage space, people sometimes feel that they have to sacrifice some fun by leaving certain essentials behind.

Not to worry: The StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier is the perfect solution to your storage needs when you’ve downsized – or just need a little extra cargo space.

On the road again: The Pleasure-Way and StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier

On the road again: The Pleasure-Way and StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier

Being on the road and 100% self-contained with a Pleasure-Way RV is a beautiful thing. Everything you need is at your disposal, and the wide-open road stretches out in front of you for countless miles and endless, enchanting destinations. Now you can pack more adventure into your adventures, by un-cluttering the inside of your Pleasure-Way and adding more storage space to the outside. You’ve just created the perfect road team.

The ingenious StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier comes in two sizes. The Standard Cargo Box offers 12.5 cubic feet of storage, measures 49″ wide x 21″ deep x 24″ high. It comes in black or white, has rear taillights, and fits a 1.25″ or 2″ hitch. It holds – for example – four carry-on bags and two camp chairs.

The MAX Cargo Box has 16 cubic feet of storage, measures 51″ wide x 23″ deep x 26″ high. It comes in black or white, has rear taillights and side reflectors, and fits a 2″ hitch. The MAX Cargo Box will accommodate four carry-on bags and two camp chairs, plus two duffel bags.

To allow complete and easy access to the rear of your Pleasure-Way RV, StowAway makes an optional, patented, and very convenient SwingAway Frame. The frame is constructed from heavy-duty welded steel, it pivots 180 degrees to access your vehicle, has a 5″ rise for clearance, and fits a 2″ hitch.

As to durability you won’t find a more durable cargo carrier on the market. StowAway Cargo Carriers have survived accidents, blizzards, tailgate parties and even a few wild animals because they are constructed from a super durable polymer, the same material used to mold high-performance whitewater kayaks. They have twice the wall thickness of some competitive boxes and are designed to take a beating without cracking.

The RV lifestyle is often a team effort. I know my most successful RV trips definitely go smoother when everyone has a specific job, knows what that job is, and does their share of pulling and hauling. StowAway introduces the team behind the team: Pleasure-Way and StowAway. A marriage made for the road.


Airstream & the StowAway Carrier: The Perfect Team

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Teaming your Airstream with a StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier gives you room inside for all the extras you thought you'd have to leave behind

Teaming your Airstream with a StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier gives you room inside for all the extras you thought you’d have to leave behind.

Many Airstreams today are not the over-sized silver torpedoes of olden days, when size and fuel economy weren’t on the worry list of many rubber-tire-travelers. Smaller, sleeker, and more fuel-efficient RVs are ruling the roads these days.

While these sassy new models make road trips accessible to more people, their compact size means travelers must be selective and sparing while packing for their excursions. Extras – such as camp chairs, spare clothing and choices in recreational gear – are often left behind for lack of space. Alas.

You may be happy to hear that such sacrifices are actually not necessary. By teaming your Airstream with a StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier you can increase your cargo capacity by as much as 16 cubit feet of space. That’s enough to carry two camp chairs, four carry-on bags and two duffel bags.

With all that cargo on the back of your Airstream, safely out of the way, think of all the extra food, gear, towels, cooking supplies, boots, shoes, hats, gloves, tableware, etc., etc., etc., that you can have inside and easily accessible for your every need.

Speaking of easy access, the StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier also comes on a patented SwingAway frame, pivoting 180 degrees to give you quick and easy access to the back of your Airstream. The cargo box carries up to 200 pounds, has a locking lid latch, and comes with a free hitch tightener and a ten-year warranty.

If you like choices – because you pursue a variety of recreational pursuits – you will want to know that the StowAway is the only cargo carrier that uses one common frame for the cargo box, cargo rack and bike rack.

If you’re taking your Airstream to the big game, and don’t need the cargo space as much as a grilling station for burgers and hotdogs – or steaks and potatoes – you can team your Airstream with a StowAway Hitch Grill Station. The Tailgate Grill Plus Package comes with Cuisinart 12,000-BTU gas grill, a snap-on, acrylic cutting board, and the patented SwingAway frame.

Wherever you are going, for whatever purposes, ask yourself, What would you do with an extra 16 cubic feet of space? In my case, all the stuff I store in the hitch cargo carrier instead of inside the Airstream, makes extra room for the dog. (I don’t leave home without him.) It also makes space for his bed, his food, his toys, and his food and water bowls. It also makes room for a wide variety of extra gear … because I like to have choices – on the road and when I arrive at my destination. (I am someone who can pack one whole suitcase with shoes and boots alone. So you can see why space is important to me.)

But what I do with extra space doesn’t matter. The only question left is this: What would YOU do with an extra 16 cubic feet of space?

Trailer Hitch Tongue Weight

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One common question we receive at StowAway Cargo Carriers is, “Just how much weight can a StowAway carry?”  Well, it depends…  Our 2″ frame cargo carriers can hold up to 200 pounds while the 1.25″ frame carriers are rated for 125 pound of cargo.  But the box is only one half of the puzzle.  Your vehicle and hitch receiver also factor into the cargo capacity.

Trailer hitch tongue weightThe StowAway cargo carrier mounts onto the hitch receiver, so the vehicle will have to be able to accommodate the extra weight in the rear.  The ability to handle extra weight is measured by a manufacturer’s maximum “tongue weight” specification.  The tongue weight of a vehicle describes the largest downward force that can be safely applied to its hitch receiver.  The vehicle’s tongue weight may have to be calculated from gross trailer weight capacity (multiply by 0.10).  For example, a gross trailer weight of 2,000 lbs. will equal 200 lbs. tongue weight.

The hitch receiver itself will also be rated for a certain tongue weight.  When making calculations for your vehicle’s carrying capacity, use the smaller of the two values (vehicle tongue weight and hitch tongue weight).

The cargo weight and carrier weight combined cannot exceed the vehicle/hitch tongue weight.  The StowAway Cargo Carrier itself weighs between 65 and 99 pounds, depending on the model you have.  Exceeding the tongue weight will put undue stress on the vehicle, overloading the rear axle. This can lead to tire blowout, suspension failure, bearing deterioration, and poor handling.

Remember to use the lowest tongue weight in your calculations.  For example, if you have a hitch rated for 350lbs. and your vehicle is only rated for 200lbs., you would only be able to carry a total of 200lbs. If you have any other questions about tongue weight or carrying capacity, contact us at StowAway2.com or look at our resource articles.

Tesla Roadster Cargo Carrier

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Tesla Roadster Hitch Cargo CarrierHere at StowAway Cargo Carriers, we get all kinds of vehicle that come in for hitch carrier installs.  Everything from RVs and travel trailers to passenger sedans.  Today, we got pretty interesting car come to install a basic frame, a Tesla Roadster!  That’s right, the electric, constant torque, 288hp sports car was here at our warehouse in Portland, Oregon.

The Tesla Roadster’s has nearly a 250 mile range on a single charge.  However, the sporty two-seat coupe design doesn’t leave much room for storing your luggage.  That’s where the StowAway Basic Frame comes in.  The Tesla Roadster owners installed a 1-1/4″ hitch receiver and put a custom box on our frame.  As you can see, the results look great.  The custom box along with the basic frame allows for extra storage without compromising rear mirror visibility or blocking the tail lights.

Tesla Roadster Cargo Carrier


If you are looking for extra cargo room for you vehicle and you’re not sure our cargo carriers will work for you, give us a call, we might have a custom solution for your needs.Tesla Roadster Hitch Cargo Carrier