The StowAway Swingaway Frame is a Perfect Match for Ski Shuttles

December 2nd, 2016 | Posted by Pacrec in Skiing

Fall is here and winter is just a few weeks away. Many mountain slopes all over the country have already received their first blanket of fresh white powder; with much more still to follow. All that snow means that skiers and snowboarders aren’t far behind. In fact, in some places, they’re already out in full force and before you know it the slopes will be covered with snow-lovers. That means big business for the ski resorts for the next several months.

Hauling Ski’s, Snowboard’s and Gear is a Must for Ski Resorts and Hotels

Of course, with all those skiers and boarders comes all their equipment. One of the biggest downsides to skiing and snowboarding is hauling around the gear, especially if the skiers lodge at a hotel that’s not within walking distance of the slopes. Many ski resorts and hotels offer shuttle services to help make the experience a little easier on their customers, but it can still be a burden to get their gear on board the shuttle.  Some shuttles have added ski racks on the roof, others use space inside the shuttle for the skis and gear, and still others have ski totes mounted on a fixed frame at the back of the shuttle.  None of these is ideal in terms of access or convenience.  So what if there were a better way?  There is.

Make Your Shuttle Ride Much Easier with the StowAway Swingaway Frame

Mounting your ski tote to the StowAway Swingaway Frame is the answer – room for the skis and snowboards plus a dose of convenience.

ski-shuttle-winter-park-1First, the skis and snowboards are easy to access. You don’t have to get to the top of the vehicle to strap down skis, or get out the stool to retrieve them upon arriving to the destination.  Instead, the hitch mount frame and tote hold your skis and snowboards at an easy-to-reach ground level. Secondly, because the StowAway frame swings away from the vehicle, it makes it easy to access the back of your van where you might be storing boots or backpacks.  The swingaway frame is made of heavy-duty steel tubing and will hold up 250 pounds.  One last feature ski resorts and hotels may appreciate is the swingaway frame’s versatility.  In the off season the ski tote can be removed and the StowAway Cargo Box, Basket or Bike Rack can be added to carry gear or bikes, which is great for resorts that also offer mountain biking, rafting or hiking excursions during the summer.

Convenience and Accessibility

Home James Transportation in Winter Park, Colorado has already found the swingaway frame to be a great tool for its shuttle service. Combined with their metal ski tote, the frame makes for an exceptional hitch mount ski rack. And StowAway was able to customize their frame for the unique needs of the  Home James Shuttles.  This is a great addition for any ski resort or hotel with shuttle service, and your patrons will love the convenience it provides. Plus, because the frame’s so versatile, other resort vehicles will likely find a use for it as well, especially when combined with a StowAway Hitch Cargo Carrier.


Get Your StowAway Swingaway Frame

If you’re looking for a better alternative to carry gear on your ski resort shuttle, the StowAway Swingaway frame is the way to go. It provides great convenience and accessibility that all your patrons will truly appreciate. Learn more about the StowAway Swingaway frame.

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