StowAway Lid Rack – What Can You Carry?

April 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Pacrec in Hitch Racks
Strap bulky, wet, dirty or extra items to your StowAway Lid Rack

Strap bulky, wet, dirty or extra items to your StowAway Lid Rack

Packing lightly has never been my strong suit. I need choices … many, many choices. I might change my mind. I might go mountain biking instead of hiking. I might go mountain biking in addition to hiking. I might stay an extra day or two, or three. I might need extra beach chairs, a rubber raft, or a duffle bag full of diving gear (or hair care products).

Which is all just to say that I pack lots of gear and supplies. More is more, right? So in addition to my Hitch Cargo Carrier, which attaches behind my vehicle instead of inconveniently on top, I have added a StowAway Lid Rack.

The Lid Rack lets me strap bulky items, wet items, and dirty items to the top of my cargo carrier, giving me extra room inside my vehicle to help keep it clean, organized and accessible. The Lid Rack mounts to the top of the StowAway cargo carrier lid with heavy-duty brackets and anodized aluminum tubing for strength and security … because my gear is precious to me and I want to make sure it arrives in the same condition in which it was loaded.

Other gear you can safely load onto the StowAway Lid Rack include:

  • Wet suits and dry suits
  • Duffle bags
  • Tents
  • Air mattresses
  • Sleeping bags, bagged bedding
  • Small boogie boards
  • Umbrella awnings
  • Life jackets

Having the option to add more gear – safely and securely – takes a lot of the stress out of packing for me. I don’t have to choose. I don’t have to leave things behind that I may need or want. I get it take it all with me.

Installation of the StowAway Lid Rack is easy, though it requires two people and some tools. These are the parts included with your StowAway Lid Rack:

  • Pre-drilled Lid Rack with outside mounting brackets and three tubes
  • Inside mounting brackets for inside of lid
  • 1/4” Phillips head screws
  • 1/4” Locking Nuts
  • Washers

Tools of your own that you will need for installation:

  • Electric drill with 1/4” drill bit
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 7/16” wrench or socket
  • Tape measure

When I don’t need the extra carrying capacity, the StowAway Lid Rack is unobtrusive and doesn’t get in the way. But it calls to me … elegantly, patiently, beckoning me to load up all my goodies and take those one, two, three extra days on the road. No limits, nothing left behind.


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