The Ultimate Hook Up: Your RV, the StowAway Cargo Carrier, and a Smart Car

February 28th, 2014 | Posted by Pacrec in RVs

Question: What do a RoadTrek and a Smart Car have in common?

Answer: Absolutely nothing.

Attached your Smart Car to your RV and a hitch cargo carrier for all your gear.

Attached your Smart Car to your RV and a hitch cargo carrier for all your gear.

Unless, of course, you have a StowAway Cargo Carrier and a dual hitch receiver.

In which case you have the perfect marriage of convenience, space and transportation options.

Road trippers like us occupy an active world full of diverse opportunities for recreation, culture and respite. We may be going on a ski trip, but we also want to take in the local art hop or fine dining choices. We might want to go skating or snowshoeing while we’re there as well.

If we’re going camping, we may also want to have our mountain biking or hiking gear with us. We may even want our off-road vehicle along for the ride.

Question: Where are we going to put all this stuff?

Answer: The StowAway Cargo Carrier with a dual hitch to haul a vehicle trailer.

Fortunately, when you’re off on a vacation and you want to tow your Smart Car (motorcycle, ATV) behind your RV, you don’t have to sacrifice storage space. With a dual hitch and StowAway Cargo Carrier you can have your RV, Smart Car and all your gear too.

Here’s how it works: First, slide the dual hitch into your RoadTrek’s (or other recreational vehicle) hitch receiver.  Add 12.5 cubic feet of extra storage space by sliding the StowAway standard cargo carrier into the top receiver of your dual hitch. The cargo carrier will hold up to 200 pounds of gear, op to four carry-ons, giving you extra storage and elbow room in your RV.

The Dual Hitch Receiver Extender lets your create a convenient caravan of vehicles and gear.

The Dual Hitch Receiver Extender lets you create a convenient caravan of vehicles and gear.

Then plug your Smart Car’s tow bar into the lower hitch of the dual hitch. And you’ve got yourself a sweet little caravan. You’ve also got options for getting around town and room to pack extra gear for the adventures you’ll have when you get there.

Recreation these days is all about choices, and having the right gear for the job. Travelers with multi-faceted interests shouldn’t have to choose between one sport, one location and one vehicle. Shouldn’t we have it all?

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