StowAway Cargo Carrier Helps Hood to Coast Athletes

September 6th, 2013 | Posted by Pacrec in Teams and Events

What does a team of runners in the largest relay race in the world need on race day? Anything from a bagel to a cooler full of energy drinks. So we were glad to receive photos from Nike using its StowAway cargo carrier, which provided extra room for a shag wagon during this summer’s event

MAX Hitch Cargo Carrier

Provisions must be handy for Hood to Coast Relay.

The Hood to Coast Relay is known as the Mother of All Relays and attracts upwards of 1,000 teams in the longest running relay event in Oregon. It starts at scenic Timberline Lodge (elevation 6,000 ft.) on Mt. Hood and finishes 199 miles later in Seaside, Oregon. The event, usually held in August, takes all day, from 6:30 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. Individuals on each team run sections of three to eight miles each.

StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier

A StowAway cargo carrier helps the Nike teams carry supplies during the 2013 Hood to Coast Relay.

Nike typically enters several teams, and the company kindly forwarded photos of race day and how it used its StowAway hitch cargo carrier. When you support teams of up to twelve runners, having room for enough provisions is a must. Three Nike teams posted in the top 100 – Nike Pacer Team at 15; Nike Great Bowels of Fire, 31 and Nike Hell on Waffles, 63. Everyone at was glad to do our part.

Interested in participating? You’ve got until July 1, 2014, to get your team together and prep your StowAway carrier for the run.

StowAway Cargo Carrier

The SwingAway frame on the StowAway cargo carrier allows this runner access to the cargo and the trunk. Hood to Coast Relay 2013.

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