School Spirit: Top Colleges Listed for Tailgating, Merchandise

September 24th, 2013 | Posted by Pacrec in Tailgating

Following college football stats? This time of year, who isn’t? Whether you’re a Florida Gators fan, a Ducks booster or a pumped-up Razorback, the beat of the fall football season is drumming loudly. As we’ve been developing relationships with fans across the country to try out our new Tailgate Grill Station, has been keeping pretty close tabs on the schools whose mojo is hot. We’ve found a couple of interesting top-school lists that you can cross-check with yours about who toots their horn the loudest.

Top Tailgating Colleges of 2013 from Tailgater Magazine

An entire magazine devoted to tailgating? You betcha. Tailgater Monthly has just published its list of the top 20 schools for tailgating madness. Here are the Top 10:

No. 1 Texas A&M

Tailgating at Notre Dame.

Tailgating at Notre Dame.

No. 2 Ohio State

No. 3 Notre Dame

No. 4 Ole Miss

No. 5 LSU               

No. 6 Oregon

No. 7 Michigan

No. 8 Stanford

No. 9 Alabama

No. 10 South Carolina

Top Selling Merchandise Colleges from Collegiate Licensing Company

Got your team mascot emblazoned across your chest? According to the Collegiate Licensing Company, the retail marketplace for collegiate merchandise topped $4 billion last year. Based on royalties from July 2012 to June 2013, the schools that sell the most logo-laden merchandise are:

No. 1 Texas

No. 2 Alabama

No. 3 Notre Dame

No. 4 Michigan

No. 5 Kentucky

No. 6 LSU

No. 7 Florida

No. 8 Georgia

No. 9 North Carolina

No. 10 Arkansas

Is your school on one of the lists? If not, it might be time to go out and buy yourself a foam finger or a tailgate station! For more info, check and

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