Where Is The StowAway Cargo Carrier Now? At A Championship Dog Competition!

November 14th, 2012 | Posted by Pacrec in Dogs & Pets | Where's StowAway Now?

Yep, that’s right…the StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier is on its way to Dubuque, Iowa for the 2012 Dock Dog World Championships.

StowAway2.com is a proud sponsor of Wrigley, the Flyin’ Weimeraner, a dock dog champion. Wrigley will be competing at this year’s world championships from November 15th to 18th. We are excited to follow his progress and hope you will join us in that.


Dock dog competitions feature four different categories of events:

1. Big Air
This is essentially long jump for dogs – over water. Dogs get a running start and jump into the water, following a throw toy. They are scored on the distance they jump from the dock’s edge to the location where their tail breaks the water’s surface.

2. Extreme Vertical
This category is the corollary to high jump for dogs – again over water. Dogs begin at the 20′ mark on the dock and then jump toward a toy that is held 8′ from the dock end over water. Their score is based upon how high they jump toward the toy.

3. Speed Retrieve
This timed event features a bumper toy at the far end of the pool, 2 inches above the water’s surface. Dogs start at the 20′ mark on the dock to retrieve the toy – the fastest dog wins!

4. Iron Dog
The Ironman of the dock dog world…each dog’s best score in the above individual events are combined for an overall Iron Dog winner.


Our best wishes are with Wrigley for a safe trip and successful event – maybe some new medals will be included in the StowAway MAX Cargo Carrier on their drive home!

For information on Wrigley’s progress and results, you can check back here at our blog, our Facebook page or Wrigley’s Facebook page.

Go Wrigley!






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