Choosing the Right StowAway Frame

July 5th, 2012 | Posted by Pacrec in Frames Only | Hitch Carriers

The StowAway hitch cargo carrier is a great storage solution for a all different types of applications.  The versatility, quality and size are unmatched in the cargo carrying market.  But now that you’ve decided to purchase one, you need to decide which frame will work best for your vehicle.  StowAway offers three different frames for your hitch cargo carrier: swingaway, standard fixed and basic fixed.  All three offer their own advantages.

All our frames are made from heavy duty, thick walled steel tubing with a black powder coating.  They fit both 2″(class III or class IV) and 1.25′” (II) hitches and come with a five year warranty.  Here are the specifics of our three frames to help you achieve the right connection your new hitch cargo carrier

SwingawayStowAway Swingaway Frame

The swingaway frame is our most versatile frame.  Boasting a 5″ inch lift and a swinging feature that rotates up to 180 degrees, it enables you full use of your vehicle even with your StowAway hitch cargo carrier installed.  It comes in weighing 48 lbs. and supports up to 250 lbs. (2″) or 160 lbs (1.25″).  This is perfect for the driver who still wants to use their trunk while their StowAway hitch cargo carrier is in use.

Standard Fixed

StowAway Standard Fixed Frame

The standard fixed frame is similar to the basic fixed frame, but rises 7″ for improved ground clearance.  It’s designed for cars that don’t have as much ground clearance as a truck or larger SUV and need an added lift in order to safely attach a hitch cargo carrier to their vehicle.  It comes in weighing around 18lbs. and supports up to 250 lbs. (2″) or 150 lbs. (1.25″).  It’s perfect for a someone who doesn’t need a swingaway feature but still wants the additional lift to avoid it dragging.


Basic Fixed

StowAway Basic Fixed Frame

The basic fixed frame is a low profile frame that extends strait out from the hitch.  It’s mainly designed for vehicles that already have a good amount of ground clearance and don’t need the added benefit of the extra lift.  It comes in weighing 18 lbs. and supports up to 200 lbs. (2″ hitch) or 125 lbs (1.25″ hitch) of cargo.   The basic fixed frame is the most affordable way to attach a hitch cargo carrier to your vehicle.


So make sure to use the right frame for whichever vehicle you are going to attach your new hitch cargo carrier to.  Make sure to check out for all of your cargo carrying needs.

Happy Travels!

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