A Big Catch: Try Surf Fishing for a Fun New Summer Hobby

June 20th, 2012 | Posted by Pacrec in Fishing & Hunting

Surf Fishing Rod Rack

Are your favorite hobbies getting old?  Now that it’s summer it’s time to try something new. Something you’ve always wanted to do but never quite got the chance to.  One new hobby that you can give a try is surf fishing, which gives you the ability to get out to your favorite beach and have fun fishing from the comfort of the sandy shore.  Here’s a list of gear you will need to get you started in the right direction in the sport of surf fishing.


Using a proper surf rod is crucial in order to have any type of success surf fishing.  You will need a rod that is at least twelve to fifteen feet long. The rod will need large guides in order to get the line out the distance necessary to catch any fish.  It’s also recommended that you use a rod that’s either graphite composite or 100% graphite.  Graphite rods are higher quality than fiberglass models and are a much better investment.


A big saltwater spinning reel is necessary in order to have the amount of line  that you’ll need for surf fishing.  Any test fishing line between 20-25 lbs.will work best for most situations.

Surf Rod Rack

Because of the length and weight of a surf fishing rod, they’re not easy to get from point A to point B.  This is why getting a rod holder like a StowAway surf fishing rod rack is a great option for surf fisherman when driving to the beach.  It holds six rods upright so you don’t have to worry about them fitting in your car or SUV, and also includes a storage rack that can fit a cooler, tackle box, chairs or anything else you may need while out on the beach catching fish.

Sand Spikes

While surf fishing it’s imperative that you have a good, stable spot to put your rod while it’s in use.  A sand spike is a three or four foot long PVC pipe with a sharpened edge that sticks into the sand, providing your rod stability when a big fish hits.  Just stick your rod in and you’re good to go.

Terminal Tackle

While the types of leaders and hooks that are best varies from region to region, a good old pyramid weight is always a necessity.  Because of the current of the ocean, a heavy weight like a pyramid is needed in order to keep the line from going too far out.  For which types of leaders and hooks to use in your area it’s best to talk to local store owners and fisherman.

Bait and Lures

The best types of bait and lures, again, will be based on the specific area and types of fish you will be trying to catch.  Feeding habits can change depending on the season and time of day, so its best to ask people in your area who know what type of bait works best for specific situations.  That being said, there are still staples that every fisherman should know about and have.  For live bait, a chunk of mullet is always great for larger fish, while shrimp or squid work well for smaller fish.  For lures a couple staples that every fisherman should have in their arsenal are spoons, top water plugs, and a five inch swimmer plug.

So get out, enjoy the summer and start a new hobby that you can enjoy for a lifetime.  Also remember to check out StowAway2.com for all of your cargo carrying needs.

Happy Travels!


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