Receiver Hitch Tightener

October 15th, 2011 | Posted by Pacrec in Accessories

Receiver Hitch TightenerOne of the most common topics we get asked about at StowAway Cargo carriers is how to install and use the receiver hitch tightener.  Most of our hitch mounted cargo carriers come standard with a receiver hitch tightener.  This is a simple, yet essential device that can be use on almost any hitch mounted carrier.  The StowAway Receiver Hitch Tightener is used to keep any hitch mounted cargo rack from wobbling or shaking while driving down the road.  Because vehicle hitch manufacturers and hitch rack manufacturers use slightly different tolerances, this means no two parts will fit perfectly and will create some amount of hitch wobble.  This tightener easily attaches to 1.25″ or 2″ hitch receivers and effectively eliminates wobble in bike racks or cargo carriers.



StowAway Receiver Hitch Tightener

The hitch tightener comes with one u-bolt, one powdercoated steel tightening plate, two lock washers, and two nuts.  The u-bolt slips over the stinger(part that goes into the vehicle) and the tightening plate slides over the u-bolt ends with the angled part facing away from the vehicle.  The lock washers and nuts fit over the threaded ends of the u-bolt.  After tightening the nuts, the hitch tightener will effectively eliminate hitch wobble.  You can purchase a Receiver Hitch Tightener at

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